My Club Penguin Story


NOTE: I have added some of the names of my friends in this story, but that does not mean I have matched thier personalities with the character. Please do not be offended if I have not put you in; I will hopefully be writing other stories, and who knows, you might just end up in one. 😉
Chapter 1 

Gary lifted his spy phone to his beak as he waddled as fast as he could down the corridor to his office.

“All agents report to igloo 158 pronto! This is a code brown, I repeat, a code brown!”

Any agent who had paid attention to Gary’s voice would have heard something they had never heard before. Panic. Gary’s calmness that came in every emergency or situation was quickly slipping away. Gary knew something the agents didn’t. All of his family members, whether they distant relatives or close family, all wore a watch that Gary had specially made. It wasn’t an ordinary watch. The watch had a button on the bottom of the watch, that when pressed, would dial back to the agency immediately. The button was only to be pushed in one situation; if someone were trying to seriously harm, or take them in any way. Code brown meant Family Protection had been breached. Just five seconds ago, Gary’s niece had bushed her button. Aravis was in trouble.


Five minutes later, Gary and dozens of agents were swarming all over the specious igloo of Gary’s brother and his wife, Stan and Anetta. Stan tried to calm his wife, but he was trembling too hard to be of much help, and Gary gently pushed them both into chairs nearby. He sighed, and hesitantly asked them, “What happened, Stan?”

Stan took a deep breath and answered, “They filled the room so fast! I…I never expected this to happen. We were all sitting down to our dinner, and these huge Emperor Penguins just burst through the door!”

Stan paused, and Gary took the moment to ask another question.

“What did they look like, besides the uh, Emperor Penguin look?”

“Well, they were enormous! Each was wearing of all things, a paper bag with holes over their heads! Then, they just waddled in, and asked who–”

Here Stan’s voice broke down, and he trembled even more. Anetta plunged in where her husband left off.

“They asked us which one of us was Aravis. Stan and I were so shocked, we couldn’t say a word! Then, Aravis stood up, and told them who she was. Without one word, they all waddled forward, and took her away!” Anetta couldn’t finish.

Gary had two more questions. “Did they say anything else? And why was Aravis the only one to push her button? I gave those to you for a reason, you both know!” He said the last bit a little reproachfully, and the two penguins put their heads down for a moment, before Stan answered anxiously; pushing his brown felt cap back from his head. “No, they didn’t say anything else. They just picked her up, and took her away. And…I don’t know why we didn’t push our buttons…I guess we just got so scared, we forgot!”

Gary sighed again. He just hoped that Aravis was alright.


Aravis was picked up as though she weighed nothing. She knew it would be no use resisting against these mammoth penguins, so she laid limply in the arms of a penguin, and looked to see where they were taking her. They walked around the back of her igloo, and what she saw made her gasp.




“Sir, I believe we’ve found their escape route.”

Gary followed a tall agent behind the igloo, his jacket flapping in the cold wind. He’d found this winter fleece jacket better suited him outdoors that his white lab coat. He pulled the jacket tighter as he rounded the corner, and saw the tracks. Tire tracks. Leading straight into the unfrozen water. The weather was cold, and a few snowflakes floated down from the cloudless sky. It wasn’t cold enough to freeze the deep water around Club Penguin, though. Gary knelt down to the tire tracks, studying them. He moved in the middle of the tracks, and looked at the ground.




“Why, it’s a boat!“ Thought Aravis, as the penguins waddled closer to it. The penguin carrying her gave her over to another penguin as he climbed on the boat, then reached for her once he was in. One penguin started the engine , which made no sound, and explained why she and her family hadn’t heard the penguins coming. The penguin holding her handed her off to another, and this penguin brought her down below the large boat. The penguin then tied her flippers and feet together, but left her beak alone. Then, he went up on deck. Aravis wondered at how silent all the penguins had been during the whole ordeal. Were Emperor Penguins just that way? Or were they being ordered not to talk?




“It’s a boat.” Gary adjusted his glasses, and stood up.

“Apparently with wheels.” Gary then pointed to two agents.

“Josh, Opus. I could use you two to help me with the Aqua Grabber. I’ve made a few uh…changes to it in case something like this should ever happen.” The two agents followed him as he made his way to the Ice Berg. They were two of his best agents, and there was no doubt about that. Josh was tall with dark hair, and always wore his dark sunglasses with a more serious air. Opus could be just as serious sometimes, but was also known as the lighthearted one out of the agents. He always wore with his dark suit a brown felt cap on his head.

Gary and the agents quickly teleported to the Ice Berg and waddled over to the Aqua Grabber. Gary’s head swiveled around before he spoke, checking to see that there were no penguins nearby.

“The reason I asked you two to come with me is because not only are you some of the best agents, but I’m going to need you during this mission. Josh, start up the engine please. Opus, dial in the coordinates to twenty miles. We shall detect whether or not there has been a disturbance in the water near Aravis’s home lately.” The two agents obeyed without question. Gary carefully climbed into the grabber, and pushed a few buttons here and there. At last, the machine made a soft whirring noise, and rattle slightly. The two agents climbed in beside him, their broad shoulders making it a tight fit. Then, Gary pulled down the hatch, and they were off. Gary steered downwards, and once they were completely submerged, he went to full power. The Grabber went much faster underwater, and the three of them quickly whizzed towards Aravis’s house. Gary slowed the machine down until they were barely moving when they reached her igloo. Then, he gently nosed it alongside the igloo in a complete stop. He flipped a few dials, turned a knob, and the screen in front of them scanned the water before them. After a few seconds, words and numbers came and went as fast as they came on the screen, and the two agents stared at it openmouthed. How could anyone make sense of that? But it appeared that Gary understood everything, as he began to move the Grabber forward. Soon they were once again at full speed, and Josh shouted over the engine, “I’m guessing we’re following where they went?”

“That is correct!” Yelled back Gary.

“The screen in front tells me every half mile to go ahead or not based on the activity in the area. Looks like we’re on the right track!”





As the boat bumped over the waves, Aravis looked around the small cabin. It was completely bare save for a piece of paper lying on the ground across from her. Aravis grunted, then rolled herself on her side, then rolled herself across the room. It took her three tries before she finally reached the paper, as the rocking and jerking of the boat didn’t make it easy. Still on her side, Aravis twisted her head to the side so that she could see the paper. As she began to study the paper, the door opened and standing before her was the same penguin that had been holding her. Except his paper bag that had been on his head was gone, and two large eyes glared at her over an orange beak. He waddled over and snatched the paper up, but it was too late. She had already seen what was on it, and was horrified. No one should have that paper except her. No one had ever laid eyes on it except her, to her knowledge. How had they ever gotten that?

The penguin stood in front of her silently for a few moments, then turned and went out of the door, shutting it behind him. Aravis was shocked, and now frightened. Now that she knew they had the paper, she didn’t think this was just an ordinary kidnapping anymore.






After thirty miles, the grabber was still going, and the signal was still strong. Thirty miles away from Club Penguin, and Gary knew this was going to be a long day. He sighed, and turned to the agents.

“We’re going to need a plane. Opus, once we get on land, I want you to try and find a pilot that is willing to fly his plane over 60 miles.”

“Yes sir.”

“Josh, I’d like you to go back to my office and pack up a few things for me. Then go and back some things for yourself and fellow agent.”

The agent nodded then asked, “Where do you think the penguins are taking her?”

“Well, I don’t want to venture a guess quite yet. They could be going as far as Polar City.” The two agents looked at each other, uncertainly.

“Then it’s true, sir?”

“Yes, it’s true.” Gary took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

“The Emperor Penguins have joined sides with the Polar Bears. Most of them, at least. I still have a few good Emperor agents, but they are few. What they want with Aravis I have no idea. Hopefully just for a ransom. Let’s hope it’s that simple.”




They knew about her. This was bad. They basically had another Gary right in their flippers. How someone had gotten her plans, she didn’t know. At least it wasn’t something dangerous, like some of her other plans. She sat there thinking for a moment, wondering how she was going to handle this. Too bad Gary hadn’t put a tracking device in the watch too.

Then, Aravis realized that the boat was slowing down. She listened intently, for a voice, or a noise. But she heard nothing except the winding down motor. Then, all was suddenly silent. Aravis calculated it had been about an hour ride, and wondered where she was. Then, the door suddenly opened, and a penguin she had never seen before bent down, and untied her. He then pulled her to her feet, and pulled her outside.

Aravis put up a flipper before her eyes at the bright sun, then lowered it as her eyes grew accustomed to the sun. Her beak opened in awe and shock as she viewed her surroundings. She wasn’t in Club Penguin anymore.


After an hour of tracking, Gary said he knew where the penguins had gone, and said now would be a good time to get a pilot. Once they got back to Club Penguin, Josh and Opus went immediately to what Gary had asked them to do.

Josh waddled into the agency, and grabbed the things Gary had told him to get. The necessary agent pack, some clothes, and some coins Gary had stashed away. Josh stopped at Gary’s desk and looked at a small framed picture on his desk. A young penguin with dark wavy hair grinned back at him. Aravis was wearing a brown shirt with “Jet Pack Lover” written across the front. She is so young, and helpless. Why would anyone want to take her? Josh thought as he sighed, and went out the door.


Opus pushed back his cap from his head as he stepped up to the igloo’s door. He whistled as he knocked, waiting for someone to open the door. Finally, the door opened, and a scruffy but sleepy head poked out. Squinty eyes met his, and Opus knew this had to be the pilot.

“Jaken? I’m with the Club Penguin Agency. Would you be free to fly us today at three o’ clock? Well need you to fly as little as 60 miles.” Once Opus had spoken, the sleepy look seemed to disappear from the pilot’s eyes.

“As little as 60 miles? I’m no passenger pilot, buddy. Go catch a tour bus somewhere else.” He tried to slam the door closed, but Opus held it open with a steady flipper.

“This won’t be any tour, Jaken. We’re looking for a young missing penguin. And you’ll be paid well.” Jaken opened the door again, and leaned against the doorframe.

“Paid well, huh? Like a uh, thousand coins well?”

Opus’s beak twitched slightly.

“I think that can be arranged.”

The young pilot ran his flipper through his hair, and then finally responded,

“Fine. Meet me at three, and you’ve got a deal. I’ll have her up and running by then.”

Opus nodded his thanks as the door closed. The things we agents have to go through. Sheesh!




Aravis couldn’t believe it. She was in what she assumed to be Polar City. Enormous igloos and other snow buildings stretched as far as she could see. Polar bears were bigger than she had ever imagined them to be, and her heart thudded as one huge bear came up to her. His fur was whiter than any other polar bear’s around, and he was twice as big. The penguin who had pulled her out of the boat now pushed her towards the polar bear, and shoved her at it. Aravis nearly let out a shriek as the bear deftly caught her in his enormous paws, but she managed to stifle it as she looked up into his face.

“For an inventor, you sure don’t look like much.” He said, his voice loud and powerful.

“And for a polar bear, you sure are fat.” Aravis threw back at him, almost wincing as she expected him to tear her apart.

“You’re lucky I need you, Aravis. You’ll learn soon enough not to mouth off at me. You’ll be “corrected” if you do. Now, come with me.”

He set her down, and she followed him down a pathway to where some other polar bears stood.

“It looks a lot better that I thought it would.” Aravis admitted, motioning to where a large buggy like vehicle stood. It was her own invention, the one she had seen on the floor of the boat.

“Yes, it is magnificent! Workers are already building twenty more. You must know why we need you. I am building a new empire here, with bears and Emperor penguins. We think alike those penguins and us. We both believe in crushing out the weak, and making the strong the leaders of the empire. You penguins are extremely weak when it comes to force, and nearly helpless. We shall use your leaders and geniuses for our own purpose, then discard of you when you are no use to us anymore.”

“You are cold hearted, and show no real strength.” Aravis said, looking at him.

“Real strength is giving your all to do the right thing.” She stated, looking calmly at the bear.




Jaken grabbed his jacket, and hat. Then he headed to the phone, and dialed in a few numbers. Once connected, he asked for Heracio.

“An agency penguin is going to be flying in my plane this afternoon. I imagine Gary with him.” He paused.

“Right okay. Three thousand, and you’ve got a deal.”


Opus, Josh and Gary rounded the corner and saw a large plane at the dock.

“Jack Of Spades” was written across the plane in bold letters, and Opus couldn’t help but chuckle. “The guy’s head is as big as an elephant.” He said, as he spotted the pilot underneath his plane, checking something.

“Hello there!” Gary called out, alerting Jaken to their presence. Jaken had on a leather jacket, with goggles atop his head. He motioned them over and said, “Didn’t know two more were coming! And you’re five minutes late. Get in before I change my mind.”

The three of them climbed in after him and strapped themselves in. They but their luggage beneath their feet as Jaken handed them some headsets. Once they put them on and made sure they were switched on, they heard Jaken through the headset saying, “All right, this is going to be a 60 mile flight, and once we land, you hand over the coins, and we land. We got a deal?”

“Roger that, ten four. That is affirmative.” Replied Opus, a goofy grin on his beak. Josh rolled his eyes, and Gary let out a small smile. Soon, they were off!


“That is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard in my life, penguin!” Spat out the polar bear. He grabbed her by her flippers, and said coldly, “You will be shown to your room where you will find plently of paper, graphs and machines towork with. There you will write new plans, and invent things that will benefit me and my polar bears. Things such as weapons, and military items. Maybe even something like this.” Here he set Aravis down, and pulled out from the folds of his fur a spy phone. A Club Penguin spy phone.

“Where did you get that?” Gasped Aravis, staring at it.

“Oh, from an agent right here in Polar City. it seems this agent was discovered, his spy phone taken from him, and then he just….quietly disappeared. Just as you will.” His voice had turned into a growl, and he rose to his full height. Aravis stared up at him, straight into his eyes. She knew if she let on that she was afraid of him, he would use that to his advantage. She glared right back at him, but it didn’t seem to change his attitude any.

“Thomas, take Miss Aravis here to room 42. Time she was “corrected!”

“Yes Sir.” The big polar bear standing next to the lead bear grabbed Aravis with one paw, and curled his arm around her. He turned to go, but the lead bear put out a paw to stop him for a moment.

“And you will know me as Heracio, penguin. The sooner you see things my way, the better it’ll go for you.” With that, he motioned for Thomas to take her away.


Gary knew full well that he needed to go beyond 60 miles, and they were nearing 50 as it was. But he didn’t want to bring that up to Jaken quite yet. The plane bounced around, whether by turbulance or by Jaken’s own flipper he couldn’t tell. Josh leaned towards him, switching his headset to only Gary’s.

“I’ve spent four years behind the cockpit of my own plane, Sir. This isn’t any turbulance we’re flying through. Just our good friend giving us a rough ride!” Gary switched his headset over to Josh’s before answering.

“I suspected as much, and I’m not sure I trust this young penguin. But we need this plane. If the situation arises, would you be able to fly this plane?”

“Yes Sir.” The answer came back immediatly, and Gary was glad.

                                        CHAPTER 3


Thomas’s grip on her flipper and stomach seemed to porposly be getting tighter. Aravis stole a quick glance at him, and wished she hadn’t. He was sneering at her, a cold cruel smile. He was making her mad. Really mad. She was a penguin being, for goodness’ sake! She deserved better than this. Then, she did something that was both painful, and very brave. She opened her beak wide, and gave a sharp SNAP! Right on the plar bear’s furry arm.



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