Igloo Ideas



cool.pngmy superhero igloo. new-igloo.pngzoozooz.png


113 Responses to “Igloo Ideas”

  1. narniapengi Says:

    sorry I’m off to such a slow start, I’ll try and get more!!

  2. clay aichen Says:

    im on the bottom one!
    Ill add you ok!

  3. clay aichen Says:

    my igloo is totaly secret! its the snow globe! check it out when i add you! please post it on here too!

    Narniapengi’s comment:Okay, I will!

  4. clay aichen Says:

    I changed my igloo!

    Ok, I’ll try and put your new one up there!

  5. mathdude Says:

    oh can u add my igloo there?

  6. mathdude Says:

    u dont hav to though
    Narniapengi’s comment: I’ll try!

  7. Math Dude a.k.a Math Mod Says:

    sry to bother you again and i no this is probley gettin annoyin but can u retake my oic cause my puffle thing was in the way. sry :mrgreen:
    Narniapengi’s comment: Lol, you aren’t annoying me at all! I never get any comments, so yours are definetly welcome. I will be glad to take another!!

  8. sony pinky Says:

    i have like a bunch of T.V.s in my igloo =]
    freak out!

    narniapengi’s comment: Your igloo must load really slow! That’s the only bad thing about having a bunch of tv’s.

  9. Pdrewit (a.k.a. Pappydrewit) Says:

    you took that forest fire one in my friend’s igloo, heatblast227, didnt you?

  10. narniapengi Says:

    Sure did!

  11. narniapengi Says:

    Maybe you can re-decorate it, then I can take a pic of it. Let me know whenever you feel like doing it!!


  12. lorenzobeanx Says:

    those arent really ideas but just cool igloos!

  13. narniapengi Says:


  14. Ξ≡¤ζΘØζΘΦÐΣΣΜ¤≡Ξ Says:

    The third one is Emeralite’s igloo! I remember going there one time when it was like that! 😀

  15. zipo7 Says:

    How do you people remember that stuff? It really must be important to you. Good golly. lol

  16. narniapengi Says:

    Naw, some people just remember certain things. I always remember a face I see, though I am not as good with names.

  17. Goldenmustan Says:

    you have good taste lol, i like those

  18. narniapengi Says:

    🙂 thanks!!

  19. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Lol, I remember I first heard of you when I heard about your Igloo Ideas page, and Stellar when I heard of her sub-pages lol. My membership expires in a couple of hours, lol, so I guess you can’t add my igloo up there. Oh well lol.


  20. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    I am surprised I don’t have it up there already! (I shall have to take a visit to your igloo!..once you renew it, lol) I don’t remember the first time I heard about you….probably from Ag’s site! I used to visit all sorts of blogs then. But now I have really narrowed it down. It takes too much time to go everywhere!

  21. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Yes, I’ve narrowed down my frequently visited blogs too, lol. Pretty much the only CP Blogs I visit now are yours and Stellars, pretty much lol.

    But that’s cos we’re friends =]

  22. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    😉 I appreciate it, Josh. Stell says she does too! (She’s sitting right next to me, lol) Even though yours isn’t cp themed, I love all the discussions that we have there. 🙂

  23. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Lol, the discussions can sometimes get a bit…out of hand lol. But you, Stell and Squishy, with your blogs, have shown me how awesome CP Blogs can be, and how creative you can be with them.

  24. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Thanks, Josh. I do wish sometimes people wouldn’t get so heated up with the “discussions” we’ve had. Gosh!!

  25. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Gosh Josh lol. Yeah, sometimes I kinda think to myself if it’s worth having that blog in the first place…

  26. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    I think so. I think if people are friends and we get all heated up, our friendship should last us through all that. Besides, it’s kinda fun sometimes!

  27. 9fire8dragon Says:

    Heyy narnia its firedrsgon,check out my igloo.Do u think u could add my igloo?

  28. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    I’ll have to see! 🙂

  29. Jixbar Says:

    I have seen a igloo that looked like it had a whole bunch of toilets and I had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Cool, Jixbar! 🙂

  31. Rainstorm007 Says:

    wow you have a lot of ideas thankz.

  32. Buseboots Says:

    i saw the new pet catulog, im gonna make a pond, and then i will send u the idea so if u like it u can use it, i have a collage right now, i cant get anybody to come, im on right now so this is gonna be hard…

  33. Buseboots Says:

    and awsome ideas but alot of people dont like how i make stuff… i make spin the fish they like it, i make collages they hate it, i make day cares they hate it, and im made a water park they hate it, so i will try a pond…

  34. Buseboots Says:

    well im gonna get off this and get back on clubpenguin kthnxbye.


  35. Cbbcfan Says:

    These ideas are bloody fantastic! I love them!

  36. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    That’s great, guys! I am glad to see that someone likes them!

  37. !*~SqUiRt~*! Says:

    Wow those are really cool igloos!! I love the one with all of the balloons! I’ve always wanted to have a ton of balloons and make them like a forest (in real life). I’ve always thought it would be so cool!!

    😀 , Squirt**

  38. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Yep, it does take a lot of work, though.

  39. ζÔ§Η Says:

    The balloon igloo is SO COOL!!!

    sees pink and red and blue and marshmallows

  40. Croissiant Says:

    Um, u dont no me, but i need an idea! im putting my igloo on the map plz reply:] Supercat.

    Neat! It’s fun to change your igloo every now and then. How about a movie theatre? Or an airplane? Check out all my different pictures of igloos to see what I’ve found!

  41. Corey828 Says:

    this page is awesome! I got the tunnel idea from this page. I cant wait to see more!

    Thanks! I’m glad you could use it.

  42. Molz Says:


    I dont wonna wreck everybodys fun but….. i was trying to find some good ideas for a nice tidy igloo NOT full too the rim!!!!! Soz but i just wanted a homly iggy like with living room & a kitchen & a bedroom!!!! byby thx

  43. funks4 Says:


  44. 21mazer Says:

    when is the last time you made a new igloo????!!!!!!!

  45. Reeze Says:

    Wow! The rainbow idea is soooooooo cool! Do you have any ideas like SPA in my igloo or RESTAURANT or something? I need a cool unique idea..

  46. alien Says:


  47. Sprinkles889 Says:

    I love the clock tower! Right now my igloo is a blizzard- the backyard is covered in snow clumps!

  48. Sprinkles889 Says:

    Also, one time my igloo was Splash Mountain!!

  49. pickles1707 Says:

    I have a suggestion. I JUST became a member, and I dont have all the items you have. Maybe you should try making igloos with less stuf, or more recent items. THANKS!

  50. Lola992 Says:


  51. Flo Says:

    Dear Sprinkles889,

    OMG!!! SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!!!! That should get TONS of penguins at your iggy!!!! These ideas are great! ONE of my fav is that NARNIA one (IM A TOTAL FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

  52. blackfire364 Says:

    this is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome, but its really ALOT of money im im kind of new to member ship so can u give me an idea thts not so much money??? i have 102 coins now.

  53. blackfire364 Says:

    what about a resturant? diner? water park? playground? band? maze?
    mine right now is nothing lol

  54. Moe Says:

    Hola Fellow Narnian?? Haha I think that idea is really cool and cute. Nice website BTW, can u add my iggy i think it looks really cute for the holidays, not to stuffed with things but not to fancy, thats the way I like it! 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and ur family! 😀

  55. 27logan Says:

    okay, im a normal penguin on club penguin and i want my iggy to be the best it can be. all the stuff up there i could do- but i want something more, ummmm, i dunno. New? any ideas?

    YA! 2010 IS HERE!!! OH YA! SO COOL!

  56. Teal500 Says:

    Update… OMG
    I Saw my friends iggy!

  57. larnie Says:

    i really like them all and when i go 2 make them i find out i dont the right stuff lolz

  58. TREX2806 Says:

    Heres an idea why dont you think of an igloo with an igloo with an upstairs for more room and MAKE THE PRICES FOR THE UUGRADE £ LOWER LIKE $1000

  59. TREX2806 Says:

    Heres another idea why dont you make the biggest igloo ever and make it $1000 it might make people & it might bring more people to the website the more people play the website the more money it will give to you from there membership & you can give it to the Environment people who are poor & people who are sick with special needs like Epileptic children or the Enviroment for everything around us or people in Africa who have to drink dirty water maybe we could give some donaiton for them to have clean water like us your biggest clubpenguin fan from TREX2806 p.s please reply and please you’s some of my ideas please

  60. Teal500 Says:

    I Have an idea. A stadium igloo!!! At the sports shop you can buy some stuff such as a soccer net and score boaed that would be so fun you could have like a party with like some people to play soccer and they could sit in the audience and play when the soccer pitch leaves such as it is now you could make a soccer pitch in your igloo and when the
    Super Rink is gone make a Super Rink there will always be both!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  61. Jack123 Says:

    I Have an idea. A stadium igloo!!! At the sports shop you can buy some stuff such as a soccer net and score boaed that would be so fun you could have like a party with like some people to play soccer and they could sit in the audience and play when the soccer pitch leaves such as it is now you could make a soccer pitch in your igloo and when the
    Super Rink is gone make a Super Rink there will always be both!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  62. pokemon76778 Says:


  63. ACE51 Says:

    hello ppl im making a fancy restraunt at my igloo saturday feb.6th at 5;00 est.its on the server winter land go there its gonna be cool trust me!!! i hope to see you

  64. Seanbren Says:


  65. ACE51 Says:

    i cant get anybody to come to my laser tag igloo wil lany of you guys come to it. only like 10 ppl came i need like 30 or more so can u like come plz.penguin name.ace51
    date.febuary15 i have to fix my igloo and buy more items b plz come post back thnx for all support clubpenguin

  66. ACE51 Says:

    im micheal jackson shamona

  67. Steffi67 Says:

    Hey, do you have ideas for my igloo? It’s the one that’s double floored but the bottom floor is like a garden with snow in it.

  68. maddie Says:

    dude can u plzzz go on clubpenguin right now cuz im on and i want u to put my iggy on here

  69. helphelp333 Says:

    I got heaps of ideas from this but the ship one made me think of a water slide park i got heaps of people but so lagging

    P.S sorry to disturb you

  70. Mscalifornia Says:

    Wow you gave me so much ideas!But i choose to make a island.

  71. worth1 Says:

    can u put mine up there?

  72. βrian Says:


  73. Jake Says:

    😀 cool

  74. Jake Says:

    🙂 check out my site

  75. Jake Says:

    🙂 check out my site at clubpenguincheats112.webs.com

  76. Jake Says:

    sorry if you dont like ppl tell ppl to go to there site

  77. Jake Says:


  78. Red Berry5 Says:

    WOW! Mine looks rubbish compared to these!

  79. dialga52851 Says:

    mines is better than these not by alot but better

  80. halorockband Says:

    i really think some of thoses igloos i seen before mybe when i done mine u can add it!u will freak out really i love to put alot of t.v.s i jest like it when its slow that makes it rare

  81. halorockband Says:

    some ppl when they make their igloo to slow then that means they r showing off they want to be famous and get a girlfriend

  82. Lilly farrington Says:

    tv show
    normal party
    mc donalds

  83. Lilly farrington Says:

    pet shop

  84. Lilly farrington Says:

    anyone elses idears

  85. Gary Dillon Says:

    awesome. Are you spanish or what?

  86. lunarosa1 Says:

    i think igloos are the best

  87. Waddles855 Says:

    I’ve never been on here, but I have an idea of an igloo that I just did recently. It was a pirate-themed restaurant. I have a picture of it too, if you want to see it or put it on here.

  88. Eeval Says:

    Every time i decorate my igloo no one comes! (sometimes one or two do but not many people) i definetely open it but it makes me really upset because i spend about 20,000 per design…

  89. ace Says:

    club penguin is so fun

  90. r Says:

    Cool igloo!

  91. po(nofe133) Says:

    HIIII…this is really helpful…i ran out of ideas for my iggy…do u still play club penguin?

  92. Meia Says:

    HIIIII…..these are awesome!…..i ran out of lots of ideas for my iggy…do u really play club penguin?

  93. fiqran34 Says:

    i like the burnin forest 😀 is was so cool 🙂

  94. alle Says:


  95. alle Says:

    My ideas are
    one of the plays from the stage
    fancy resturant
    on cp im called candykid12 i have anouther penguin called candy kid 11 if
    you see me say hi or ill add u if u want me to

  96. fiqran34 Says:

    so u made all this ? 😀

  97. mmjj Says:

    rocks im rozepedleme see me online with my awsome igloos

  98. mmjj Says:

    they are all great i have some ideas too beach party water park U NEED TO BE RICH $ for THIS ONE
    for water park you need]
    50 blue puffle beds and ten yellow wons and u need tropical trees a boat a split blue house place this in the lower part and put yellow wons together put tropical trees on top
    put bleue wons together add red tubes and balls into water
    put blue cuttiansn on the place bye the dor kind))
    Then you need
    widnws put them on suny
    u need
    kitchen items
    to wooden benches
    three to4 sun tanning chairs’put blue tannin chairs on stairs in middlethen but red or green wons on out side then have sandy beach floor tho have AN tredmeal put tubes on it and make it run then have 6 or 8 0r 4 DOjo screenthing and lockers and put them together to make dressing room and when i made it 99 ppl came in 5 minutes it relly works

    My penguin in rozepedleme hope to see u online have fun be salfe i always want neww buddies and i have great igloo ideas okay ppl here is some more
    coffe shop





    sleep over
    fashion show
    day care
    b day party



    swimming pool

    han gout
    thx this is all 4 now will be back

  99. Pengton19 Says:

    Will you please post my igloo? Im pengton19 and I’m mostly always on sleet. Can u post my igloo?

  100. Buddy7601 Says:

    Can you plz show my igloo on your list? I have a really good one plz.

  101. 泳鏡 Says:

    I strategy on publishing this post all more than the web. Should certainly I give any credit/references back for you?

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  103. Princesskr9 Says:

    hey guys! what a beautiful day it is! um, well, i am on alpine RIGHT this minute, so come to the coffe shop and add me, Bye Bye!

  104. Nic Says:

    Can you put some actual themes on there that you think are very popular?
    If you can that would be very nice of you. But I like the igloos you picked!
    They are very nice and well decorated.

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