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Nov.23, 2009

November 23, 2009

Dec.7th,Pearl Harbor

December 5, 2008

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Remember That Day
Also has anyone noticed the new theme on the dashboard?? Its more complex. I was gonna post this on Narnias new site but didnt know ic was supposed to. :-p


November 19, 2008

In a national poll the results for the The Greatest Presidents In The History Of The USA  was this:

1. Abraham Lincoln

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt

3.George Washington

Don’t you agree? If you don’t let me explain why these were chosen as the 3 top greatest leaders of the free world.

1. (Honest Abe)Freed the slaves,pulled us through the Civil War,and was VERY down to earth

2(FDR) Led us throught the Great Depression and WWII,appointed first african american cabinet members,And was an all out great president

3.(old cow teeth) Was first president,…uh he led us through American Revolution…..and….okay look people he hardly ever won any battles wasnt a great fighter or military stratigist. He wasnt even president that long. He made president cause he was a great motivator. I think Ben Franklin shoulda been the first Prez.

My personal favorite presidents are:

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Greatest prez EVER!)

2. Theodore Roosevelt

3.John F. Kennedy

4.Abraham Lincoln

5.James Madison

Comment On Your Favorite Presidents!

Awesome New Post That Is Totally NOT boring! Really!

November 12, 2008

Help! As you may have noticed,or not,that we here at the NPFS have been getting low Hits and Comments on both mine and Narnias Post. 😮 . So Please Help and  Keep This Site From Losing Its Comments,Hits,and Popularity! Or at least until Narnia makes the new site where we can then go to there,but we still need to help and keep this site going TILL THE END.


Check Out This Video so You Won;t  Get Bored.


Did i keep it from getting boring?


~Opus The Strange!~

Veterans Day

November 11, 2008

In tribute of Veterans Day not only did i make a post name that actually goes with the post(O M G 😮 ) BUT made some sayings for Veterans Day.

If You Ask “Why Do We Have Veterans Day?” This is your answer:

When Celebrities die it makes the news and everyone mourns. When a Celebrity does something amazing it  makes the news and everyone celebrates. When a soldier dies in combat it hardly makes the news. When a soldier does an amazing act to save a fellow comrade no one celebrates. In World War II soldiers died everyday. No one mourned but the soldiers fellow soldiers. In Vietnam soldiers were called killers and attacked for serving their country in a war they did not choose to start.  Veterans Day and Memorial Day was started to thank these soldiers for their heroic acts,whether dead or alive.And to mourn for those who did not survive the war.  Veterans Day/Memorial Day  is a day to remember the pain and suffering these soldiers had to go through to have us live the way we live today. Without the soldier there would be no USA. Without the soldier the Nazis would probably never fall. Without the soldier there would still be slavery. So make today last and remember and be thankful that they served and served great. Veterans are,and should be,the most greatest,most popular,heroic,wise.and bravest celebrity you will ever know.

~Opus(grandson of Korean War Vet,Nephew of Desert Storms Vets, and friends of Vietnam and WWII vets)!~


Merry Christmas!

November 9, 2008

Merry Christmas! What? Wal-Mart has its Christmas crap out and playing Christmas music so…IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS! YAYY!! heres some random things to say:

School Rules:

Anything said,done,or written in school WILL be used against you.

Thou shall not express opinion in school.

If ye wear hat backwards ye shall be suspended.

Thou shall not get any classes with thi’s friends.

And for random questions:

Ever wonder why the delinquents in school get all their classes with their friends and yet the good children don’t get ANY classes with their friends?

Don’t ya hate talkative cashiers that talk about the stuff your buying?

Don’t ya just absolutely HATE people who post constantly on a blog they work on?

Who invented the words we use today?

Now for some thoughts:

WordPress is old news,Youtube and Myspace are the new news!

My Obama post got alot of comments. Maybe i should make more controversial post more often! 😆

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy Thanksgiving!

~OPUS The Jolly!~

Obama Is The Next President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 4, 2008

*does party dance*

2 years of ad’s and attacks and its almost over!

November 3, 2008

Yes the election will be over tomorrow! Voting is on tomorrow. I am for Obama,but since our beloved owner of the site is republican i wont say things like go obama or obama ’08 or that obama should be pres. So I’ll be nice and say as long as theres music in the world,who cares?  Its hard to remember back when these elections wernt going on but finally,its over.  Lets look back on those last 8 years…

2004 election:

Bush and vaders,i mean cheneys, second term:

2008 campaign:

So yes its been a long time. Well lets say good luck to our candidates!



~Opus the Democrat!~


Opus; I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you posting for me!! I am sorry to say that our computer is still in the hands of one of my dad’s friends, who is trying his hardest to fix it. So once again, I am on a library computer. Thanks so much for keeping the site up and running! And thanks for holding back on “obama fanism!’ I like him well enough, but um, I am a steady Repub. Oh, and I got to vote for the first time today! It wasn’t all the exciting, actually. *Yawn* But to be a part of our history in the making, oh yeah! Talk to you all later!!

~Mcai–I mean, Narnia

Happy Halloween!!!

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! I dressed up as a Alien. A TOURIST Alien! Heres a Halloween Video!


Computer is sick with the flu

October 24, 2008

Halito fellow aliens! Narnia has sent me an email saying her computer is sick. It has a virus and only the email part will work so she will not be on the site for a while. I shall keep close watch of her site till her computer is better. Also for people who go to Stellers site its the same deal. Both are not able to go to their site. If you would like to help you can send te NPFS team  a Get Well Soon card to send to her computer. Don’t worry the computer is with family and friends,the dvd player,the mouse,the TV,and the Vcr Player.