Veterans Day


In tribute of Veterans Day not only did i make a post name that actually goes with the post(O M G 😮 ) BUT made some sayings for Veterans Day.

If You Ask “Why Do We Have Veterans Day?” This is your answer:

When Celebrities die it makes the news and everyone mourns. When a Celebrity does something amazing it  makes the news and everyone celebrates. When a soldier dies in combat it hardly makes the news. When a soldier does an amazing act to save a fellow comrade no one celebrates. In World War II soldiers died everyday. No one mourned but the soldiers fellow soldiers. In Vietnam soldiers were called killers and attacked for serving their country in a war they did not choose to start.  Veterans Day and Memorial Day was started to thank these soldiers for their heroic acts,whether dead or alive.And to mourn for those who did not survive the war.  Veterans Day/Memorial Day  is a day to remember the pain and suffering these soldiers had to go through to have us live the way we live today. Without the soldier there would be no USA. Without the soldier the Nazis would probably never fall. Without the soldier there would still be slavery. So make today last and remember and be thankful that they served and served great. Veterans are,and should be,the most greatest,most popular,heroic,wise.and bravest celebrity you will ever know.

~Opus(grandson of Korean War Vet,Nephew of Desert Storms Vets, and friends of Vietnam and WWII vets)!~



2 Responses to “Veterans Day”

  1. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Here in Aus we call in Rememberance Day.

  2. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    That was beautiful! I know you hold that special because you’ve talked of it before, and it is truly awesome.

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