Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! What? Wal-Mart has its Christmas crap out and playing Christmas music so…IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS! YAYY!! heres some random things to say:

School Rules:

Anything said,done,or written in school WILL be used against you.

Thou shall not express opinion in school.

If ye wear hat backwards ye shall be suspended.

Thou shall not get any classes with thi’s friends.

And for random questions:

Ever wonder why the delinquents in school get all their classes with their friends and yet the good children don’t get ANY classes with their friends?

Don’t ya hate talkative cashiers that talk about the stuff your buying?

Don’t ya just absolutely HATE people who post constantly on a blog they work on?

Who invented the words we use today?

Now for some thoughts:

WordPress is old news,Youtube and Myspace are the new news!

My Obama post got alot of comments. Maybe i should make more controversial post more often! 😆

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy Thanksgiving!

~OPUS The Jolly!~


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