2 years of ad’s and attacks and its almost over!


Yes the election will be over tomorrow! Voting is on tomorrow. I am for Obama,but since our beloved owner of the site is republican i wont say things like go obama or obama ’08 or that obama should be pres. So I’ll be nice and say as long as theres music in the world,who cares?  Its hard to remember back when these elections wernt going on but finally,its over.  Lets look back on those last 8 years…

2004 election:

Bush and vaders,i mean cheneys, second term:

2008 campaign:

So yes its been a long time. Well lets say good luck to our candidates!



~Opus the Democrat!~


Opus; I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you posting for me!! I am sorry to say that our computer is still in the hands of one of my dad’s friends, who is trying his hardest to fix it. So once again, I am on a library computer. Thanks so much for keeping the site up and running! And thanks for holding back on “obama fanism!’ I like him well enough, but um, I am a steady Repub. Oh, and I got to vote for the first time today! It wasn’t all the exciting, actually. *Yawn* But to be a part of our history in the making, oh yeah! Talk to you all later!!

~Mcai–I mean, Narnia


3 Responses to “2 years of ad’s and attacks and its almost over!”

  1. Pendo Says:

    I want John McCain to win. Can’t wait to see the election results. ^.^

  2. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    I also wanted him to win really badly. 😦

  3. antsrule02 Says:

    he’s basiclly the same as George Bush. And Barack Obama reduces taxes for everyone expect for small buisness owners making more than 250,000 dollars a year.

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