Important Newz By a Unimportant Person


EDIT BY Narnia——

I am not deleting this site, that was merely a thought. Sorry about the confusion and worry!! See my new post for details.



This will be a short post. I know I know short posts are boring,but this might come to your interest. Recent discoveries have found that a certain someone important to this blog is making a decision that just make some of you go..well..Crazy! I’ll let you check it out yourself:

There ya go.  Just an important update that we found. Is it true? Only narnia can tell.

Whoa man! i posted twice in a row! Is that bad?



One Response to “Important Newz By a Unimportant Person”

  1. -O-ρüΣ The Strange ≧´∀`≦ Says:

    I love how that important update part appeared
    Correct me if i am mistaken narnia.

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