Fall Fair


Yes, you heard right, today was the day that the 2nd Annual Fall Fair began. Narnia is gone, so I, Stellar, am posting for her. Unfortunetly, I must  go fix supper for my siblings and do not have time to make my own post. This post is from Mohd222. I think you all know what the link to his site is, but here it is, nevertheless.

You can use your tickets to buy a second pin at the prize booth. (The non-member prize booth.) It costs 100 tickets.

First of all, theirs a new room that’s only available to members of Club Penguin. This is the arcade of circle, the room that you could play balloon pop and puffle soaker. Also you could get more items with an extra prize booth.

This is what the members only room looks like.

Play games to earn tickets for prizes. The games are located throughout Club Penguin.

If your a member, check out this cool game. It’s called “Balloon Pop” and it’s located in the new members room.

Play games, earn tickets, in which you can cash in on a prize. (Don’t log off with your tickets, or you lose them.) Go to the forest or the arcade of circle if your a member and save your tickets.

Their is prizes for only members. Check them out below.

A very highscore in the puffle paddle game!

Their are lots of good decorations, so check out some rooms.

Their is also a Fall Fair ticket cheat. Learn how to do the ticket cheat.

Alright, there ya go,

Stellar Andromeda Aldrin


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