Murder Mystery Time


Well Happy Birthday Narnia! Heres your present from me! A Club Penguin Post! Well the stage play is new(hey,first new thing since last year Cool Beans!),And its some type of Guy Noir,Detective,Black and White,Mystery play.

I saw the script. I wont ruin the ending but its cheesy. Heres the Sherlock Homes and More clothes.

classic blonde

Well thats all other than the background and bell boy and stranger costumes. Nothing much else happened and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARNIA!!



2 Responses to “Murder Mystery Time”

  1. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Hey, thanks Opus!!! I haven’t been able to get on because I’ve had a friend over, and because of my birthday, so I really appreciate this. 🙂

  2. melly Says:

    hey guyz!!! i think u guyz r prety good @ creatin a fansite 4 cp. nice goin narnia! lol anyw ummm i always chk dis place on days i cant go on cp [ somtimes it just ttakes me wayyy 2 long 2 get off cp, and i hav a bizy life!!!] anyw again, umm thanx 4 tellin us about da secret stuff in da new catalog, its rlly helpd!!!!!! seeeriusly i chk dis place evry time i cant go on cp, and its a oober[super] great source 4 secrets bout cp!!! u guyz r sooo updated, thx!!! well i gtg on cp, now, i herd they r talking in portugese or somthin?! well i gtg chk it out, and once again, dis is a rlly asom fansite, especially 4 me cuz im ADDICTED 2 CP!!! no, i meen seriously, i hav stayd up 2 nites playin it!! ttly asom!!! wel like i sed i gtg, o and noce horoscopes, LOL IM AN ARIES!!!
    Opus: i made that post. ooooooo dang man your in aries? ooooooo 😮 LOL! :p im not even gonna fix all the misspellings on this one! lol!! ( im just joking lol..)

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