My Club Penguin Story


Yes!!! I have finally started my CP story. And I want you guys to be the critics! I mean it. I would really appreciate it if you guys would read it! Here is the first chapter! (I will later make a page just for my story so you can just go to that.” Here it is! Oh, and I am still looking for a title for it. Have any ideas, please let me know!

Chapter 1


Gary lifted his spy phone to his beak as he waddled as fast as he could down the corridor to his office.

“All agents report to igloo 158 pronto! This is a code brown, I repeat, a code brown!”

Any agent who had paid attention to Gary’s voice would have heard something they had never heard before. Panic. Gary’s calmness that came in every emergency or situation was quickly slipping away. Gary knew something the agents didn’t. All of his family members, whether they distant relatives or close family, all wore a watch that Gary had specially made. It wasn’t an ordinary watch. The watch had a button on the bottom of the watch, that when pressed, would dial back to the agency immediately. The button was only to be pushed in one situation; if someone were trying to seriously harm, or take them in any way. Code brown meant Family Protection had been breached. Just five seconds ago, Gary’s niece had bushed her button. Aravis was in trouble.


Five minutes later, Gary and dozens of agents were swarming all over the specious igloo of Gary’s brother and his wife, Stan and Anetta. Stan tried to calm his wife, but he was trembling too hard to be of much help, and Gary gently pushed them both into chairs nearby. He sighed, and hesitantly asked them, “What happened, Stan?”

Stan took a deep breath and answered, “They filled the room so fast! I…I never expected this to happen. We were all sitting down to our dinner, and these huge Emperor Penguins just burst through the door!”

Stan paused, and Gary took the moment to ask another question.

“What did they look like, besides the uh, Emperor Penguin look?”

“Well, they were enormous! Each was wearing of all things, a paper bag with holes over their heads! Then, they just waddled in, and asked who–”

Here Stan’s voice broke down, and he trembled even more. Anetta plunged in where her husband left off.

“They asked us which one of us was Aravis. Stan and I were so shocked, we couldn’t say a word! Then, Aravis stood up, and told them who she was. Without one word, they all waddled forward, and took her away!” Anetta couldn’t finish.

Gary had two more questions. “Did they say anything else? And why was Aravis the only one to push her button? I gave those to you for a reason, you both know!” He said the last bit a little reproachfully, and the two penguins put their heads down for a moment, before Stan answered anxiously; pushing his brown felt cap back from his head. “No, they didn’t say anything else. They just picked her up, and took her away. And…I don’t know why we didn’t push our buttons…I guess we just got so scared, we forgot!”

Gary sighed again. He just hoped that Aravis was alright.


Aravis was picked up as though she weighed nothing. She knew it would be no use resisting against these mammoth penguins, so she laid limply in the arms of a penguin, and looked to see where they were taking her. They walked around the back of her igloo, and what she saw made her gasp.




“Sir, I believe we’ve found their escape route.”

Gary followed a tall agent behind the igloo, his jacket flapping in the cold wind. He’d found this winter fleece jacket better suited him outdoors that his white lab coat. He pulled the jacket tighter as he rounded the corner, and saw the tracks. Tire tracks. Leading straight into the unfrozen water. The weather was cold, and a few snowflakes floated down from the cloudless sky. It wasn’t cold enough to freeze the deep water around Club Penguin, though. Gary knelt down to the tire tracks, studying them. He moved in the middle of the tracks, and looked at the ground.





“Why, it’s a boat!“ Thought Aravis, as the penguins waddled closer to it. The penguin carrying her gave her over to another penguin as he climbed on the boat, then reached for her once he was in. One penguin started the engine , which made no sound, and explained why she and her family hadn’t heard the penguins coming. The penguin holding her handed her off to another, and this penguin brought her down below the large boat. The penguin then tied her flippers and feet together, but left her beak alone. Then, he went up on deck. Aravis wondered at how silent all the penguins had been during the whole ordeal. Were Emperor Penguins just that way? Or were they being ordered not to talk?




“It’s a boat.” Gary adjusted his glasses, and stood up.

“Apparently with wheels.”



10 Responses to “My Club Penguin Story”

  1. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Great Story! I think this story should be called “Crisis in the Gary Family”. The Boat with Wheels part reminded me of spongebob lol.

  2. Olly Says:

    Interesting story. You could go into writing. Y’all got skillllz lool.
    I think I’m gonna make my way back onto the wordpress scene. Maybe even make one.

  3. ollymh Says:

    ooooooooooo new account.

  4. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Do that olly!

  5. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    YES! I would LOVE it if you’d make another wordpress site!!! I miss going to your old one. 😦 😉 I am glad you like the story, hopefully I can update with a new chapter every day. If I don’t get writer’s block, lol. Thanks! (I’ve never actually seen spongebob before, Opus. What do you mean? What happens?)

  6. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Crisis in the Gary family…hmm. Not a bad idea!

  7. ΦρüΣ Says:
    Ollyz new site! Go Derz pleaze!

  8. Olly Says:

    Loollz! DATSA MAH SitE!
    Im gonna do some work on it.

  9. ~.Narnia.~ Says:


  10. Olly Says:

    choo choo train.

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