This…is awesome!


Check it out!


Hello penguins!

I am very excited to be the first to let you know about a very special project we’ve been working on!

Ever since Club Penguin was launched, many of you have been asking and talking about a DS game and we’ve been listening. Here’s a bit of what you can look forward to:


I can’t get into too much detail but you might be wondering about the name ‘Elite Penguin Force’.  In the DS game you take on a special role as part of the Elite Penguin Force and solve mysteries that even Secret Agents don’t know about!

That’s just the start! You’ll also be able to play some of your favorite mini games and earn coins and other rewards that can be uploaded into your Penguin account!

I’ll have more info in the coming months. We’re hoping to have the game done by this holiday season so you’ll only have to wait a few more months!

As always let us know what you think.

Until then…waddle on!

Can you guys believe this? I don’t have a nintendo ds, but I may have to convince my parents to let my buy one now…this is soooo cool!!


55 Responses to “This…is awesome!”

  1. Adam Says:

    Cool, wierd but cool///

  2. (¯`·._) Logan (¯`·._) Says:

    Hi narnia!!
    How is ur summer doing?
    I dont have DS either, but the game sounds
    like boring. Anyway I have to see it with my own eyes in order
    to judge it XD

    Logan! XOXO

  3. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    CP was down today for awhile. Adding all the new stuff! Someone send me a postcard! You don’t have to be on-line to get a post. I hope no one “goes postal!” lol

  4. ζÔ§Η Says:

    I don’t like the new features. Too complicated. The inventory – I prefer having everything all together. Though I’m happy the pins are now in chronological order =]
    Igloo background – looks ok. But I went around to other igloos, one had a double igloo and it looked baaaad.
    I don’t like how their grouped the servers. It’s too much all together!!! I liked it when Big Surf and Antarctic were Australian.
    Now Abonible is at the top and it’s full full full. And my recommended servers included Mammoth, Beanie, Frozen, and two that I’ve never known had existed.
    The potscard thing is annoying. I keep thinking I get a buddy request. I added heaps of people till I had 108/100 buddies, then I noticed half of my buddy list was cut off. SO I deleted all the extras, but my buddy list cuts off after Squishy 133 – cutting off one and a half pages worth of people, I think.

    I liked the green puffle at the night club – now that he’s at the Ice Rink he doesn’t even let you play hockey. -.-
    And the spy phone near the map looks messy. And ugly.

    And the new blue messenger bag…blue isn’t a good colour to put on a messenger bag lol.


  5. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Hmmm, doesn’t sound like a happy camper to me. Serious stuff.

  6. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    However, much of what Josh said is what I think as well. I don’t like the servers grouped together, and if that freaky little hockeypuc hog of a puffle doesn’t get off that puc and am going to knock him off! You have like fight to get the puc! I do like the way my “stuff” is arranged though. I don’t mind the mail bag being blue, but boy it like overpowers my outfit! ~LOL~ Don’t care about igloos. Mine looks like I am on welfare. I don’t mind the spy phone being out in the open, but preferred not seeing it all the time. Makes me nervous. I keep wondering if George W. can see it. 😆 I don’t worry about the buddy list. I KEEP MINE VERY SHORT!!!!

  7. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Oh yah, that envelope always being up, will take getting use to.

    So much to remember on a kids game. 😉

  8. ΦρüΣ Says:

    i have a ds lite ut i aint payin nuthin for that crap lol. And im sure cp is down hill. I havnt gone there yet but im sure.

  9. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Woa, woa!!! I’ll have to go check all this out!!

  10. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Ok, I LOVE everything. LOL. I know, it is a bit cheesy, but I think it’s fun. I can understand why people wouldn’t really like the mailbag, but I think it’s cute, and it fits as the mail penguin boy always wears one. I will have to post about all this when I get home! (I am at the library right now..)

  11. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I like the mail bag, just the blue clashes with my outfit. And I only have one. LOL!!!!! I mailmen (we have lots of them) has a denim colored blue bag. That would have worked for my outfit better. 😉

  12. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I mean to say…”our mailmen” . Not “I”…he is not just mine. I am not that special. Special delivery for zipo7 would be nice though.

  13. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Gosh, I was about to say, woa! I want my own mailman!

  14. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Lolness. You’ll be happy to know that “The Horro/Horror” is now blocked from my site! Yaaaaay! xD


  15. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Oh poor Horro.

  16. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Yay! did he go too far in storybuilder again?

  17. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    I would do a jig if I could. I know, it sounds mean, but I was really annoyed by that person..

  18. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Apparently so Opus. I guess he did more than annoy someone! LOL Did he get a fair trial? A warning? Probably not. Cut him off cold turkey. I bet he is in rehab right now. 😉

  19. ΦρüΣ Says:

    soo bored. my site never gets comments anymore! Grr! darn summer. First opuspenguin then olly then peace WHOSE NEXT I ASK YOU!? any more and that will be it i tell you! It will be over! Kaput! *sobs* so bored…

  20. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Hey, I was so bored last week I was ready to eat myself. LIKE I SAID, on sponges site… one ever on anymore. That is why I asked you on your site what you did all day. I remember when wordpress was a novelty. Man we were on 24/7. Most of those ppl are gone now. Got bored. Bordom should be on the Surgeon General top 5 killers list!

  21. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Yea but like i get 1 or 2 comments a day on my site! My wii is not working and its 90= degrees outside. im so bored i could do drastic things. Yea i remember those days….

  22. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Was I in those days? I think not. Yet we have had some pretty good discussions between this site, and Opus’s site.

  23. ΦρüΣ Says:

    ima gonna make a new post

  24. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    No Narnia, you were not “there” in the day. But we sure have had some good “goings on” since then. Just not the day to day great give and take. No one is on enough to do that like before. The novelty has worn off.

  25. ΦρüΣ Says:

    It wasnt out of anger. or anything. I had my fun. Thats just it. Last thing i did there was listen to the wallace and gromit theme.

  26. ζiρΦ7 Says:


    I just got done posting my quiz answers. OMG. This is too much for me. I have no clue why you did that. WHY????????? OPUS you just killed me!!! YOU LITERALLY KILLED ME!!!! I am almost in tears. I can’t do this anymore. YOU KILLED ME…. this is the end …the very end my friend.

  27. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I feel so betrayed so betrayed. I

  28. ΦρüΣ Says:

    cause i deleted my site i betrayed you? ❓ i was done with it. stayed with it long enough. ummmm you didnt lose a friend. And the quiz. you got one wrong. only one. look…ok i wanted to delete it thats it. i dont understand

  29. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Opus you deleted your site? NO NO NO NO =[ But I guess it was your decision. But yo uwon’t disappear like Olly did, will you? You’ll still comment and that, right? I kinda thought a goodbye post would be fitting. Oh well. All good tihngs come to an end. The not-so-good things come to an end too, if you’re wondering. I better stop writing this comment before I bore you with my blabbling [is that a word?]


  30. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I felt as if I was blind sighted once again. I don’t think people understand that we that invest our time and energy into a blog feel as if we should at best get a goodbye. Ok, well yes it was your blog, but I will miss it dearly. I didn’t know you were tired of it. I wasn’t. That is all. Well I guess I understand to some extend. I don’t have a blog because it is too much work. I should understand that others feel that way too.

  31. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I am sure you emailed narnia ahead of time to let her know. She was a top staff member; like you gave the site to her once. 😉

  32. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Well….i really did it in like a minute. There i was sitting there listening to the music i posted and thought “Why this is a great post to end with” and poof it was gone. It really would have been deleted before i could go to yahoo. I didnt plan it out. But i really need to think up an award to give narnia for her hard work. Heres one. Thanks Narnia!!! and i will advertise your site as much as i can! :mrgreen:

  33. Dunya Says:


  34. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Hi dunya

  35. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Well, you could also say thank you to all of us who supported that blog and VISITED IT 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We weren’t just chopped liver ya know. LOL

  36. ΦρüΣ Says:

    I know (i hate liver) ok
    24/7? I only got comments in the morning and night. during the day nothing. sorry if my thank you sounded sarcastic but it wasnt.

  37. ΦρüΣ Says:

    *throws Almanac in grave* “Later ol chum!” *mr bean theme plays* every blog goes now and then. *spits* yup. Comedy is the life giver. *fills grave* yupery. enough of this talk lets go to a happier theme.
    Mohd has taken his blog back and made it a more “focus on the veiwers” theme. He replies to them and references them more. Better owner than power hungry chewy eh? Hey narnia im making you a award for your help right now!

  38. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I commented lots o times during the day, until know one was commenting anymore. That is why I asked you what you did during the summer day. Ah, such is life.

  39. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    A that should have been “no one”. Like in zip zero nada.

  40. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Mohd is a happier theme? LOL

  41. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    He is being up close an personal cuz he has been hacked like 5 times in the last month. Lost all his history. Pages went poof. He is trying to regain his blog life. He never was much of a thinker. LOL

  42. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    And rewards that are spoiled like chopped liver, literally stink! LOL

    Sorry I mentioned I thought we that visited (and narnia) should be thanked. Possibly in bad taste , like liver. :mrgreen:

    The end of it.
    I am going to play tennis. I will have more time to do it now. 😛

  43. ΦρüΣ Says:

    i did say before you mentioned it that narnia should be thanked. so dont think im bein selfish. i did thank you. i thanked narnia. But now who provided the entertainment to the people who visited hmm? So really i did thank already. dont think im selfish and forgot all of you. “I thought we that visited (and narnia) should be thanked”no offense but was that sarcasm? if it wasnt then i can forget it but see people would take that the wrong way so before i start anything im just asking if it was or not. Really i dont know why deleting my blog would be so complicated. Its hard to tell sarcasm if you are reading it not hearing it lol. i just wanted this to be a “oh its gone oh how sad…ok im over it” kinda thing. not a complicated “WTF!???” mess (thank you zoo for that reference 😆 ) Working the blog isnt the hard part deleting it and explaining why is lol. 🙂 have fun at tennis. But this isnt over. wait till narnia finds out lol. i like the way josh reacted. lol

  44. ΦρüΣ Says:

    i hope that comment didnt start a flame any where. Mixed emotions in that comment. im just being cautious. lol. it was a blog not like anyone died. :mrgreen:

  45. ΦρüΣ Says:

    patrick is starting something at josh’s site

  46. ζÔ§Η Says:

    You can never trust a Patrick. He has a tattoo 😆
    Narnia should find out eventually. NARNIA!!!

  47. ΦρüΣ Says:

    yea lol

  48. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Josh Is Online! josh, im talking to olly right now on msn.

  49. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Let’s see…What should my reaction be?
    1. Take a deep breath, and thank opus for being such a good friend, and get over it.
    2. FREAK OUT
    3. Get mad.
    4. FREAK OUT
    5. FREAK OUT
    …..Okie dokie, I’m good. I’m I am NOT! Opus buddy, how could you do this? Ok, I take it back. Between Peace deleting his blog, and the arguement with Josh, I guess I should be used to suprises! But alas, I am not. I’m not angry with you whatsoever, don’t worry. And I guess I understand. But you have to know it is a little frustrating. This has happened so many times to me before…I had a good friend who deleted his blog, and when he did, we gradually ceased to become friends, because he just wasn’t around any more. DON’T DO THAT TO ME! Anywho, I can get over this. Just don’t disapear, okay?

  50. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    😳 *coughs* Did I really just do that? Yes I did! And I meant it.

  51. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I was upset and everyone made fun of me. So I don’t care who deletes their blogs anymore. They come and go.

  52. ΦρüΣ Says:

    made fun of you? who made fun of you?

  53. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    ??Who made fun of you, Zipo? I never saw that here, anyway.

  54. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Errrr…Zipo? What’s happened to you now???


  55. ΦρüΣ Says:

    he hasnt commented in a while

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