Caption contest winner and new caption!


Hey, all! Well, the winner of the latest caption is


Here is his/her caption!

Cop: Narnia, someone is here to see you. *a black puffle walks in**cop walks away*
Puffle: Hello, Narnia. Long time no see.
*Narnia stares at Puffle, mouth agape*
Puffle: Ahh, I see you recognize me. I am sorry if I have scared or upset you in any way, I just HAD to see you behind bars. *looks around* And now I have.
Narnia: *stares*
Puffle: It’s about time that I left, then. *Narnia stares more*
Puffle: Well? Isn’t there anything that you’d like to say to me? Like, “I’ll get my revenge one day, Puffle!” Or, “We’ll meet again, I swear it!” Or, “Ahh, good job, Puffle. I see that you have, for once, outsmarted me.” And then go into a long speech about right and wrong, wants and needs? Anything? ANYTHING??
Narnia: *pushes gaping mouth up with flipper. clears throat.* …Uhhhhm…
Puffle: *eyes widen. stares.* Yes? Yes?…
Narnia: I…
Puffle: Yes? You…?
Narnia: I want…I…I…
Puffle: YES? YES?
Narnia: I want…want…
Puffle: WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!?!?!???!!
Narnia: *frowns* I was just going to ask for a glass of water. My mouth is dry.
Puffle: *stares.**yells*:UGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Is that all??? All that you really want?? A glass of WATER???!?!??!!!!?!??!?? That’s it???!?
Narnia: *stares, still frowning* Yes. I’m thirsty.
Cop: *walks in* Sir? I’m sorry, but I forgot to mention…Narnia has got amnesia. She probably wont remember you.
Puffle: ..
Puffle: Well, I’ll be going, then. Sir. *nods head at Cop* *looks back at Narnia* Narnia. Good-bye. *leaves*
Narnia: *stares after him* next day:*stares after him* next day:*stares after him* next day:…




Remember to go to the “caption contest page” for your submittions. Have fun, and BE FUNNY! OR ELSE!



2 Responses to “Caption contest winner and new caption!”

  1. Opus(Not logged on) Says:


  2. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Ach,Opus! Try again for me, will ya?

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