Nebraska ll Diary


I know, I know, this is really long, but please read! So much happened to us, that we want to share with you guys. (Me and Stell) Thanks!!

June 12th 1:16 p.m. -Narnia

Finally, we are on our way! Stell is sitting right next to me, almost falling asleep because she took allergy medecine you drowsy. She had to take it because she is allergict to cats and dogs, and the people we are taking sewing lessons from have two dogs, and one cat. Me and Stell were trying to figure out some hand signals of a sort that we could communicate with each other, telling each other how annoyed we are by our cousin, “J.” He does things like poking you repeatedly, talking like a three year old, and hitting us. Just recently, our family watched a documentary called, ” Carrier” and we learned some of the Navy’s air craft signals. So me, Stell, and Sarai decided to use these signals when we are annoyed. It is on a scale of one to five, showing how annoyed we are. Number one is the peace sign, showing we are ok. Number two is putting your left arm behind your back, and lowering yourself on one knee, with your right hand out, two fingers clenched together. That means “slightly annoyed.” The next signal is waving your right hand in a circular motion  about two times. That means “getting really annoyed”. The next signal is your right hand in the air, two fingers pointed upwards together, and waving them. That means “I’m getting near my end’s wit!” And finally, there is a sharp salute saying, “That’s enough!” LOL. Well, talk to ya later. Stell’s going to trade off and on writing with me, so you’ll get her thoughts, too.

Later–3:01 p.m. -Narnia

I’m bored. Stell is sleeping on my shoulder, so I don’t have anyone to talk to right now. Hey, if you like fantasy/other worlds books, check out the series, “Landon Snow.” They are great books, both me and Stell love them. I’ve been thinking on how I can change my site..or make it better somehow. I think right now it’s kind of dull for some people, and I’d like to get more interested. Josh, thanks again for keeping my site updated while I’m gone!! I’m sure Stell is really thankful, too. I wonder what the free item is going to be. I hope it’s a shirt so that non-members have something to wear. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I have an extra penguin, it’s name is Missnarnia. Figures, lol. I just thought I’d tell you in case you get a friend request so that you’re not like, “Who is this person?” 😉 Ugh, my ears hurt. My dad likes to listen to a guitar player named Phil Keggy, who is actually an amazing guitarist, but at the moment my dad is blasting his cd in our van. *Waves hand in circular motion* LOL. I’m surprised Stell is still asleep, it’s so loud. Our other cousin that we’ll be seeing, “M.” has red hair, freckles, and is almost the opposite of J. Funny, isn’t it? And the two are brothers. Ooh, my dad just pulled into an A&W! I love their rootbeer. I’ll get back to you later.

35 minutes later

Half a cup of lukewarm rootbeer later, I’m back. That is absolutely the most disgusting rootbeer I have ever tasted. My dad got us cups and a jug of rootbeer, and then Sarai lost the lid to the jug, and all bedlam broke loose, I tell ya! I was holding three cups with straws strewn all about my lap with Stell nodding off my shoulder, while Sarai was trying to find the lid, and the little ones wouldn’t stop asking for more rootbeer. When there is 9 people in one van, sometimes things can get a little crazy! But it is a beautiful day, and we are all together.

Thursday, June 12th 3:48 p.m.  -Stell

Well, I’m actually awake now…I fell asleep for about 30 mins and everything happened without me, apparently. I hate rootbeer anyway. Yeah, as soon as I wake up, my dad put in country music, which I hate, and Narnia just happens to love. UGH. I much prefer the Blues. I fell asleep with the first 2 Landon Snow books on my lap. The 2nd one kept falling on my foot, and it hurt. Our younger sister Sarai is just starting the first book, and so far she has only read the first chapter. Well, over ‘n’ out, Stell.

6:26 p.m. -Narnia

Ugh, I feel sick. We just ate at a place called Taco Bueno, and I got a soft taco. The meat was so disgusting, it tasted nothing like Taco Bell. It’s the kind of disgusting that makes you want to throw up. I ate half a bean burrito instead, which was a little better. You have to know, I am not a picky eater, but that meat was just gross. Anywho, we’ll get in Hastings, Neb. in about 2 1/2 hours. It’ll be about 7-8:00 p.m. by the time we get to our hotel. When we get there, we might go swimming. I have my goggles and swimsuit at the ready! Well, not like in my hands or anything, but they’re accessable. 😉 I love swimming!

9:55 p.m. -later

Well, that was the shortest swim I’ve ever had! I either got glass in my foot, or my toe is just randomly hurting. I was in the pool, when I felt a pain in my right big toe. ??? I hope it either fades quickly, or I find something in it! J. has matured somewhat since we last saw him. He has that funny sqeacky boy-teen voice now, but he does still somewhat talk like a baby. 😛 Mildly annoying. Me and Stell were doing our “signs” to each other underwater, which was funny. It was fun until J. pulled my goggles off me underwater, making me race to the top for air, and to choke and cough. I know everyone says that boys do these things to girls because they like them, but I cannot help but think the opposite. I find myself depsising boys that do that. Oh, I forgot to tell you what happened to Stell and Sarai. Well, when Stell and Sarai wne to put the luggage cart back down in the lobby, our little 3 year old decided to go with them, and once they were in the elevator, she decided to push the “call” button.” Stell frantically repeatedly pushed the “cancel call” button while the call button was ringing. Finally, the ringing stopped. Whew! I would have loved to see that myself!! 😆 Well, tomorrow we visit Grandma. I’ll be looking forward to that!She is partially deaf, and has artheritis, andhas in einfection that has taken for the worse. She is extremely thin with white hair around her face, and I think she has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. Well, I’d best go. Good night!

June 13th 11:20 a.m. -Stell

I’m sitting behind my cousin in our van right now. Our other cousin J, has a fever right now, and he is at the hospital being checked out. We’re going to see my great grandmother, who I’m named after. Otherwise, there isn’t much to say….


Stell doesn’t really want to write in this diary, I guess. She says she’ll write about it herself on her site. 🙄 Yes, our cousin J. got a fever, so his parents (our aunt and uncle) took him in. I hope he feels better, as I feel sorry for him.

later-1:41 p.m.

We are back in the hotel, we just got done eating at China Beffet. Good food! I like the orange chicken the best. Oh, about Grandma. When I saw her in the hospital bed, she looked so thin, and tired. But she was happy to see us, and was worried whether we had eaten lunch or not. Whenever we came to visit her, she always had treats or lunch set out for us. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen again. 😦  She was all hooked up to IV’S. Sarai knows how that feels, as some years back she had heart surgury because she had a hole in her heart.

I’ve never been in a hospital, but Stell has. She had a really bad asthma attack and was sick for about 5 days. Anyhoo, J. is back from the hospital. They said he’ll be ok and gave him some Ibuprofen for his back pain. The pain in my foot went away some, but I’m still not sure what it was. I’ve been limping around like a hurt puppy. I’m bored. Stell is on the laptop right now, so I can’t get on.

Later that day, 5:48 PM

Now we’re at the Garden Cafe, eating supper. I’m getting grilled cheese off the kiddie menu. Though I can easily order off of the adult menu, I usually order off the kid menu..their food always seems to taste better. 😉 Ugh, my little brother is running off. It reminds me of the story peaceoutdude told about him at the bank. 😀 That was funny! I’ll have to go get him, I’ll be right back.     -back! Mom took care of him. Stell says she’ll write to you in the van. See ya!

Thursday, Friday June 13th 10:15 p.m.

Sorry. After supper I totally forgot to write in here! I have to say, friday the 13th is almost never a bad day on FTT. I don’t believe any of that stuff anyway. I’ve gotten into some heated discussions about those things! We are in the hotel watching man Vs. Wild.

Later- 10:30 p.m.

Now we’re going to watch a movie called Boy’s Town starring Mickey Rooney. Great actor! Well, tomorrow we are planning on going to a waterpark. Yippee! That should be lots of fun. Well, goodnight.

June 14th 9:46 p.m.

I am aching. I believe this is near a 2nd degree burn. It doesn’t hurt as bad as the 2nd degree burn I had while in Haiti, but it still hurts really bad. The waterpark was fun though, and definetly worth it! I’m going to get in bed now….oof. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. 🙂

June 15th 8:37 a.m.

We just went and said goodbye to Grandma this morning. She looked really tired. I wanted to cry, but I’ll save it for later when I’m alone. I honestly don’t think I’ll see her again. Here’s Stell.

8:40 a.m.

The waterpark was lots of fun, but there was also a lot of sun. Narnia looks like a tomato! 🙂 So does Sarai. I’m burnt too, but not half as bad as Narnia. Even her toes are red! She walks really funny, too. (Like a duck.) Me, Narnia and Sarai are shoulder-to-shoulder in the van, so I am in constant pain. My poor shoulders!

Later-1:10 p.m

I think I’ve written enough in this diary for both me and Stell. 🙂 I am sooo tired. I can’t wait until we get home! My arms, feet, legs, and face are all sunburned, and boy do they hurt! Well, this is pretty much the end of this diary. I really do appreciate Josh for updating our sites, as I myself only got about 5-10 mins on the laptop. Talk to you all later!




48 Responses to “Nebraska ll Diary”

  1. Spongekid3 Says:

    Lol I’ve been waiting for the next diary. You guys had quite some time there. Probley not the best vacation ever but pretty good I guess lol.

  2. Squishy133 Says:

    Whew…that was long! I read it all though, and it sounded uber fun! I like country music too, not all of it though…

    What are the Landon Snow books about? I love reading, and they sound interesting (yep, I can tell from the title!)

    Glad you’re back!

    P.S. My apologies for the comment war going on at the About page on my blog. Some of those things are really hurtful, I know, and I’m trying my best to stop it. 🙂

  3. ΦρüΣ Says:

    And i am sorry I AM THE RUDE ONE!! Apperantlyto squishy and josh i am the bad guy…i cant take this any more =( i thought this was over and they say i am the bad guy.
    josh said: Bravo, Squishy. Good job on taking some action. Opus is teh one that needs to be stopped here, as he has gone WAY too far.

    is sick of Opus

    =( i am shaking with anger and feeled with sadness. do i still have friends?

  4. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Narnia i added you as a admin. Bye everyone

  5. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Oh, Opus. I’ll have to go see where he said that, I can’t believe this is happening. Be of courage, Opus. Let me try and straighten this out. Could it be that Josh is mad at you because you defended Zipo? ACH!
    Squishy, thanks for the apology, I know things can get out of hand sometimes.. The landon snow books are about this young boy who goes into another world, and has to help save them from a certain evil. 🙂

  6. ΦρüΣ Says:

    no i am done. i quit. but i added you as a admin. I am sure everyone wants me gone. by now..

  7. ΦρüΣ Says:

    no he is not mad about that. They dont understand that anger controls all and you dont think when you get angry. and i would just delete some comments and let them cool off not make a deal out of it.

  8. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Yep, they didn’t really give you a chance, did they? They let Dunya go on and on, but when you retaliate, right away they tell you to basically be quiet. Confusing, isn’t it? I don’t get why they didn’t just block her in the first place, seeing as how she treated me and Zipo especially. You are their friend, I expect them to treat you better than her!

  9. ΦρüΣ Says:

    *sigh* i know

  10. ΦρüΣ Says:

    well theres nothing i can do. Well like olly said “They must not be thinking”

  11. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Dumya didn’t even give me but a second thought during her quest for a fight on squishy’s site. And squishy did good ignoring all of it. So I counted myself lucky. It is you who keeps dragging me around. You made a comment on Opus’s site saying dumya this about me.(blah blah blah)..and she hadn’t!!! So that is how fights escalate by saying things and mentioning names when they are even necessary. So everyone, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE! I was yelling that. But I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  12. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    I was refering to past tense, Zipo. But I will respect your wishes and not even mention your name next to Dunya’s any longer. I fear that you are too sensitive to the matter, as am I. I don’t keep dragging you around, Zipo. I am sorry you feel that way…I am so done with all this. I apologize.

  13. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    😛 Yes I am very sensitive to this matter. I feel like quilt by association. I don’t want it anymore. The baggage is too heavy.

  14. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    I agree! It wears a person down fast.

  15. (¯`·._) Logan (¯`·._) Says:

    Opus, did u quit because of Josh and Squishey!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

  16. ΦρüΣ Says:

    and other reasons

  17. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    I don’t know why. It does not make much sense to me. 😦

  18. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Because it hurts. I have been there where is now. The only thing you can think about is escaping.

  19. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    But I see that person(d person) is back peddling. She knew exactly what she was saying and doing. We know that from past experiences. Opus is trying to make things right. He didn’t need to crawl.

  20. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Nah, probably not. I know exactly how is going to play it. I won’t say it here. In fact once he reads your comment (and he will), he will be very predictable. Nah. Hasn’t anyone had any psychology classes? Am I the only one? Well I guess independs what kind of a school you go to.

    This person could major in it. She is reading people and manipulating them right down to the text book manual. You know opus, everyon knows friends come and go. So, just keep smiling, but keep your guard up as well. 😛

  21. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    “it depends” a little goof there.

  22. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    *sighs* Ok.

  23. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Well I think Opus is going to be ok. He is commenting on Raining Water so….it is always the darkest before the light. I think it will be ok.

  24. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Only because Opus is making it so. 😛 A good guy he is!

  25. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Indeed he is. I surely do hope he comes back! And yes, I see the pattern, Zipo. I don’t like it!!!

  26. ΦρüΣ Says:

    no i wasn’t groveling i am trying to compromise with them. Thank you. Your a good person too all of you are! i will just stay oh here it comes On the bright side of life! 🙂

  27. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    🙂 Thanks, Opus. I just wish all of this hadn’t happened.

  28. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Hopefully they will humbly accept his apology and all will be well! If not, I shall have to pummel them. 😉

  29. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    No, as in “the angry crowd pummeled the thief.” 😉 Opus, what you did takes humility, and definetly swallowing your pride. It also takes courage. I admire that, and I hope they do too, though I doubt it.

  30. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Yeah, I’ve had to take off my glasses more and more lately, and though I don’t like it, I’ve seen some stuff that has shown me who some people really are, and that no one is really perfect.

  31. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I tried to put this on opus’ site. I went to spam. You know, the unbelly of the cyperworld. LOL I will try to post again there later.

  32. ΦρüΣ Says:

    ok i will get it you musta said the magic word. i am doing the same there is no use of this to go on. Its their problem. i wont pudh rewind. Thats why i only use DvD’s 😆

  33. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Okay, I deleted most of our comments, time to wipe the slate clean!!

  34. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I would have liked to have seen everyone’s good wishes left. I reposted mine and left a overending wish from all us for his return.

  35. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    My mistake, I didn’t really read what I was deleting, I just wanted to get rid of all of the comments.

  36. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I thought as much. That was my suggestion here this a.m. when Opus and were chatting. It needed to be done. But the page didn’t look at all realistic, as you know when someone leaves, there are always comments to that affect. It looked a little too “cleaned up” as if someone was hiding something. No one was of course. But was going in that direction. Good job. I see that there is still some hot water bubbling somewhere else. Well, just everyone keep those toes OUT OF IT! LOL

  37. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Yep, I don’t want my toes singed any more!! Yes, I think I accidentally got rid of some comments that weren’t related to the argument. Whoops!

  38. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    Whoops there ya go. LOL

  39. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Ummmm…is all this my fault? As usual? Oh, I guess so.

    does not like the new theme of the site

  40. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Sorry you don’t like the new theme, and as I said on Opus’s site, it is not all your fault, Josh. But I am moving on, and not talking about it any more if I can help it. 😉

  41. Squishy133 Says:

    Yeah, I’m really tired of this argument that has spanned over far too many sites. I didn’t want Opus to quit, and that was never my intention. I didn’t block Dunya on my site because she never swore there and I believe in freedom of speech. She never really broke any rules on my site other than when her and Opus were having that little racism dispute. But then, both sides were in the wrong there, so should I really have blocked both of them? No, well that’s my opinion anyway.

    I don’t mind the theme, but it’s just very small where the posts go….a little hard to read maybe? The sidebar is a little squished too, but the upper half of the site looks better…so yeah.

    How is everyone going? I’m sick right now…ugh.
    Have a good weekend!

  42. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    A race is a group of people that come from a common background. That group is generally determined based on skin color. Commonly, but not always, people are categorized into one of five races: White, Black, Latino or Hispanic, Asian, and Indigenous or Native. Racism then, is the discrimination or prejudice of a person or group based on the racial group she or they belong to. It isn’t about a nationality. Opus spoke to nationalities. If anything he was exhibiting borderline bias toward being treated badly by a Turk and treated better by a Frenchman. But it really is of no consequence now. What is done is done. How is everyone going? Well I am going..don’t know where, but hopefully someplace fun! Sorry to hear you are sick.

  43. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    I am sorry you are sick, Squishy! I hope you feel better soon. I myself am suffering an awful earache, a “swimmer’s ear” to be exact. I have never felt such horrible pain before. I put drops in it 3 times a day for five days, and hopefully they will help.

  44. Squishy133 Says:

    Ouchh! My friend had swimmers ear last year (that rhymes, lol) and she told me it was uber painful, although I can’t sympathise myself. I hope you get better…those drops sound icky!


  45. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Ugh, the drops hurt my ear like crazy! It’s probably because it’s getting rid of the bacteria in my ear, but I thought they would provide some relief!

  46. Squishy133 Says:

    I know the feeling, I’ve got stuff for my nose (and when I squirt it up there it looks like I’m taking some sort of illicit drug, but never mind that) and it feels all funny when I take it, althogh it…(my keyboard just stopped working, lol, it needed new batteries….does make my nose feel better!

    Are you feeling any better Narnia? I’m not, I’ve got to miss school today… 😦


  47. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    I am actually feeling a bit better, thanks! Your poor nose! Yes I agree, it must look awful to others when they see that, I’m afraid I would probably burst out into laughter. 😆

  48. Squishy133 Says:

    Yeah, my friends keep cracking up (well they did when I last had it and I was with them) and then I laugh and I can, well, sniff it up! Lol…

    I’m feeling a little better, but I think I’m going to be off school for a little longer, I’m actually going to the doctors tommorrow!

    Hope your ear is better…

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