Washington D.C. Pictures!


I want to share some pictures with you guys from me and Stell’s vacation, but as you know, I can hardly show you with ones showing me, or my family in them. So, you’ll just be seeing like scenery shots, or of national monuments, without us in them. 😉 I hope you like them!

Inside the Capitol building:                             Lincoln Memorial:

The White House:                                           The Washington Memorial:

Fallen Heroes:                                                      Mount Vernon:

Well, Stell wants to get on now, so I’ll let her get on. Stell says that she will be adding some vacation pictures of her own soon, so keep checking her site to see! 🙂 Oh, and I must give all the credit to Stell for the pics, unless you already know, she loves photography, and such. Oh, and here’s George Washington’s last words, if you don’t know already,

“Tis’ Well.”


16 Responses to “Washington D.C. Pictures!”

  1. peace out dude Says:

    wait a sec…

  2. ~.Narnia.~ Says:


  3. tooly228 Says:

    Can you add me to your blogroll?

  4. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Lol hope you enjoyed yourself!

  5. Opus Of Bloom County AKA Josh Says:

    Was it as hot there as it was when i went there? I see you did the same thing i did. Stick camera through white house gate and take picture. Yup those bring back memories!

  6. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Stell did exactly that, Opus!! 😀 Well, when we first got to D.C., it was poaring down rain, and wouldn’t let up for the first day. Then when it finally stopped, the heat came poaring in, lol. It was actually really nice weather.
    Tooly: I will have to visit your site, and see how I like it. I usually only put people I know on my blogroll.
    Josh: Oh, I did! It was truly the funnest vacation I’ve ever had.

  7. ...Enricom... Says:

    wow Ive never been there!

  8. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    🙂 Hey, long time no see!!!

  9. Olly Says:

    Cool! Washington DC is a place I want to visit. I havn’t been out of Europe yet though.

  10. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Oh, it is soo much fun, a definete place to see.

  11. antsrule02 Says:

    awesome I went to all of those places. I have some grass from the white house 😉

  12. Spongekid3 Says:

    lol im alergect to grass..

  13. Opus Of Bloom County AKA Josh Says:

    I stood where Martin Luther King Jr. Stood on the lincoln memorial when i was there. Also, I LOVED the native american museum mostly case my grandpa was Full Blood (My nana, His wife, Went with us but sadly he couldn’t cause he died in 2003 of Alzheimer’s. He would have loved it) Choctaw. But my personal favorite was the Flight And Space Museum(Did you go to the smithsonian Narnia?)

    Olly- I always wanted to go to Europe. We will next year but still.

  14. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    We did go to the Smithsonian, and Stell absolutely loved the Air and Space section–she was like freaking out! LOL. I am sorry to say that we didn’t go to the Native American part; all of my sisters and brothers probably would not have been interested in it. 😦 Ants, grass from the White House? 😉

  15. Opus Of Bloom County AKA Josh Says:

    Me and Steller know what Cool places are! We both liked the Air And Space museum and have slightly similar picture of the white house! Im glad you guys had fun

  16. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Bunches of it, for sure. Yep, it seems you and Stell are two of a kind!

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