You all know I am a Narnia fan….


And the Narnia movie, Prince Caspian is NOW IN THEATRES!!! Are any of you going to go see it? I already did, yesterday. Wow. So yeah, just thought I would let you guys know it is now in theatres. 😀



24 Responses to “You all know I am a Narnia fan….”

  1. peace out dude Says:

    hey npengi, have you ever seen the lion the witch and the wardrobe in imax? its pretty cool. they have fake snow in the theater and awesome sound effects.

  2. Spongekid3 Says:

    Hey Narnia, we finnished the book in class. We made like poster to. And this week we are goign to wach it. I’m porlbey going to see Prince Caspian soon. For some reason I thinked I dreamed about Narnia last night..

  3. Olly Says:

    I’ll go see it so we can discuss it like trees discussing the daily news.

  4. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Okie dokie, Olly. I shall look forward to that! Sponge, awesome!! How did you like the book? Be prepared though, the directer really did change the movie a lot, like it isn’t the same as the book, though it is still good.

  5. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Peace, no I haven’t! In what state did you see it? That would be so neat to see!

  6. peace out dude Says:

    imax theater, Los Angeles, california 🙂

  7. ZσσzσσÐεεм™ Says:

    I’m probably gonna see it like next weekend or something. 😀

  8. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Ok, ok. That would be so much fun, Peace! So, what did you think of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe? Tell me your thoughts. Zoo, awesome! I hope you like it.

  9. peace out dude Says:

    hmm, i suppose they followed the book pretty well. I did enjoy the fight scene. i thought it was a decent movie all and all.

    but the Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe and prince caspian and the first 1 (forgot the name) were the only books of the series i read.
    i wonder how many movies they will make and in what movie they will make them in.

  10. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Well, there is a pretty big controversy over what book should be first: Magician’s Nephew, or the Wardrobe. I always liked Nephew first. Yeah, Disney is all for making all the movies, so so far, it’s kind of a go-ahead. The battle scene I also liked, the CGI was pretty well done. I am looking forward to the third one in the series to be made into a movie, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

  11. ZσσzσσÐεεм™ Says:

    Ya the fight scene is pretty cool.
    I thought it was kool when the witch turns this bird thing into stone and then it runs into a cliff thingy and it breaks. 😀

  12. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Lol, yeah though it isn’t a good thing, lol. The “bird thing” is actually called a gryphon. 😉 Fun stuff!

  13. peace out dude Says:

    i always got gryphons and Pegasus mixed up.
    i mean they’re both flying horses right?

  14. Opus Of Bloom County AKA Josh Says:

    I haven’t seen it yet. Hey narnia, Did you see the big statue of Albert Einstein? I went to it when we went there and sat in his lap! My favorite was the Smithsonian and White House( So i could make faces and the president).

  15. Opus Of Bloom County AKA Josh Says:

    BTW i posted about your site on my site about your hotel of roaches on my post called (Other blog news) Just want to see what ya think!

  16. Squishy133 Says:

    I can’t wait for this…I don’t think it’s out in Australia yet (is it??) but it sounds cool! I loved the first one.


  17. ζÔ§Η Says:

    I never knew they made the movie, lol. I guess it will be some time till it comes out in Aussieland lol.

  18. Opus Of Bloom County AKA Josh Says:

    Most movies come out in countries and different times.

  19. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Peace: No, a Gryphon is like a half bird thing, while a Pegasus is a flying horse. Both pretty neat.
    Opus: No, shucks! I didn’t get to see the statue. 😦 Thanks for the post, I’ll have to check it out!! 😀
    Nope, it comes in Australia I believe some time in June. 😦

  20. ZσσzσσÐεεм™ Says:

    I just saw the movie yesterday and I thought it was awesome!!

  21. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    YEAH!!!! Who was your favorite? What was your favorite part? What didn’t you like?

  22. ZσσzσσÐεεм™ Says:

    Reepicheep rocked. He was so cute!!!! And I thought the fight scene was pretty good. And I didn’t like the evil king dude!!!! 😈

  23. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Yeah, Miraz was pretty awful!! I thought the actor portrayed him well, though. Reep was AWESOME! I have always loved him in the book; seeing him on the big screen was amazing.

  24. Lydon Says:

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