Hidden Message!


Hey, guys! I just found out that there is a hidden message in the back of the clothes catalog!!! It tells about a secret medieval party on the 16th of this month. To find it, just go to the back of the catalog, then click on the top paragraph, and drag it down. 🙂



14 Responses to “Hidden Message!”

  1. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Lol at the P.S. note on the message. That’s cool. I remember when like last February 2007, they brought the ice castle igloo and the king furniture and stuff, everyone thought they would have a medieval party, but they had the Festival of Snow lol.


  2. Pappy Says:


  3. cptnkirk Says:

    It’s awesome that you like star trek, Narnia!

  4. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Kirk! Yeah, I do. I love the old ones a lot.
    Josh, I don’t remember that. It’s possible that I wasn’t a member then….

  5. ζÔ§Η Says:

    You don’t remember it? I wasn’t a membe rthen either. But it was early 2007, when they had the Festival of Snow with th eSnowflake T-Shirt and Ice Crown and stuff. They brought out the Ice Castle and thrones, and everyone thought there would be a medieval/royal party lol.


  6. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get the t-shirt, so I must have either been really new, or I wasn’t there yet. ??

  7. ...Enricom... Says:

    how was your vacation?

  8. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Um, I haven’t even gone yet. 😉 I leave on the 8th.

  9. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Maybe you weren’t there yet, Narnia. What was your first item? And lol, enricom is asking about your vacation before you have even left lol!!!

  10. Squishy133 Says:

    I like Star Trek too! Yay!! I prefer Voyager….but they’re all cool. :]
    I’m a scifi person….lol


  11. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    I know, hilarious! 😆 um…I think it was the mustach (sp?) mask thing? With the eyebrows? Not far behind was the white sailor hat.

  12. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Star Trek is awesome, I just prefer the “kirk” series! sci fi is awesome!

  13. *~{š†ΣLLªr}~* Says:

    Narnia, we weren’t there for the Festival of Snow. We joined during the St. Patrick’s Day party.

  14. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Oh, ok then, you were about a month after the Festival of Snow.


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