I will be gone….


Hey all! I am going on vacation on May 8th, and I might not be back until MAYBE the 13th, 14th. So Sponge, I would appreciate it if you could post for me while I am gone. Is that ok? Me and Stell are going to Indiana, because my dad has some work-related stuff to do there. So yeah, it should be pretty fun. A 12 hour drive to Indiana. I’ll have to bring some cd’s and books. No wait, maybe I shouldn’t bring books because when I read in the car, I get car sick. I might actually be able to get on every now and then on vacation, because my dad has a laptop. MAYBE. No promises on that one.



21 Responses to “I will be gone….”

  1. Pappy Says:

    are u going to a hotel?

  2. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Ohhhh…lol I hope you have a good time though. Let’s enjoy th enext few days 😉


  3. *~{š†ΣLLªr}~* Says:

    Yup, we’ll be at a hotel for sure. Otherwise we’d have to sleep in the van.. LOL 😉

  4. ...Enricom... Says:

    where is Indiana lol? I dunno

  5. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Pappy…uh, that would be a yes. Well, actually, my dad was talking KOA campgrounds, but all us females voted that a NO! 😉 😉

  6. 09cole09 Says:

    hey well i am not going to be on here for 3 weeks 😦 becuase i got work thingy at school ( you know when you get a job and learn about it lol )

    well bye and bye me to :I

  7. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Oh, ok. Have fun! lol

  8. Spongekid3 Says:

    Hey sorry I haven’t commented in so long. i will take care of your site for you while your gone. I’m planing on pugging my site back in and making it better then It started as. Also can you check out my video I made. It’s my 3rd one so far. It’s not the one i posted on my site it’s a didferent one. It’s of me and a good friend of mine. i worked really hard on it and I hope you enjoy it. Heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSFDhrDgvQA

  9. zipo7 Says:

    Hi Sponge…. I believed you to be gone.

  10. Squishy133 Says:

    Lol, I would sooo vote ‘NO!’ as well….ughhh, camping makes me shudder…well caravaning, anyway..

    Have fun in Indiana, I’ve never been there, but it doesn’t sound too bad! 😀


  11. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Thanks!!! Hey Sponge, glad to see you again, it’s been a while since we last talked!

  12. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Yeah Squishy, the KOA campgrounds are just freezing, and the cabins are somewhat small. (At least for a family of nine!)

  13. ZσσzσσÐεεм™ Says:

    At first when I read Indiana I thought it said India and I was DANG!! THEY’RE GOIN TO INDIA? lol anyways have fun 😀

  14. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Haha, thanks! I have actually always wanted to go to India….

  15. Spongekid3 Says:

    Have you ever been to Indiana before? If you haven’t it’s awesome. I go there every year.

  16. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Nope, I never have. I am really looking forward to it!!

  17. Squishy133 Says:

    Wooaahhh, you have a family of 9? That’s soooo cool! I’m an only child so I think of that as pretty abnormal, but I’ve always wanted a sibling. I dislike being alone… 😦


  18. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Ten total, I am the second oldest. I’m sorry to hear that, Squishy! I can only imagine! 😦

  19. antsrule02 Says:

    Hope you enjoy your 12 hour drive to a state in the middle of no where!

  20. ζÔ§Η Says:

    Wow, that’s one huge family! I have two brothers, that’s plenty to keep me annoyed at all times 😉

  21. ><>narniapengi<>< Says:

    Lol, Josh. Thanks, Ants. Indiana is pretty neat, also very green and pretty!!! I didn’t expect it to be so beautiul. All in all, pretty good trip so far.

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