Easter Egg hunt and furniture catalog


Well, the easter egg hunt is here, and I think they are pretty well hidden!! I’m going to give you guys the locations of where the eggs are, though I’m going to make it a little harder than just showing you where they are.

1st egg: easy enough, you don’t need my help with that one.

2nd egg: It’s where I hang out a lot. If you know me and are on my buddy list, you’ll know what room I’m talking about. If not, I’ll give it to ya. Dock.

3rd egg: Hides by looking like a pet…easy enough!

4th egg: Where this egg is, you can read a sweet book.

5th egg: I like to make your penguin wear clothes, don’t you?

6th egg: it is somewhere outside the plaza.

7th egg: easy to figure out

8th egg: a hidden room…easy to figure out

and the prize is….green bunny ears!! lol.

Also, the new furniture catalog came out, and I really like the bench.


Also, there is a new Billybob post talking about the Migrator.




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