Yes it’s true, I have been “tagged” by Spongekid3!! http://spongekid3cp.wordpress.com

So here are the 5 facts about me!!

1. My middle name is Christine

2. I can speak a little of the Creyole language. (It is the Haitian’s language)

3. I have asthma

4. I have the song, “Doll On A Box” memorized from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

5. I will hopefully be taking EMT classes this year sometime. Woohoo!! (I want to be a paramedic.)

So, that’s all!! As for the people I tag: Stell, Jjryan, Mohd222, and Pappydrewit!!

Rules: share five facts about yourself, but nothing a stalker would be able to use. I know, I know, but I still think that is important. Have fun!!



9 Responses to “Tagged!”

  1. Goldenmustan Says:


    1. I play guitar
    2. I go to a very small school
    3. i’m part irish
    4. i have been stabbed in the eye with a pencil, nothing bad at all, just left a black mark thats all(my eye looks normal)
    5. My brother is evil!

  2. narniapengi Says:

    Hey, cool!! 😀

  3. 09cole09 Says:

    thanx god you did not tagged me 😀

  4. narniapengi Says:

    nope, but Sponge did!

  5. Spongekid3 Says:

    Woo Hoo go me It’s my Penguin’s Birthday! Oh ya! Oh like when I was a baby i had a asthma attack and I almost died… But the sad part is when I got out of the hospital my Grampa died of Cancer 1 or 2 weeks later so I did not really get to know him. I’m not sure if I still have asthma, I think I might. I’ll just ask my parents.. There was sometime else I needed to tell you what was it…….

  6. *~{Stellar}~* Says:

    Hey, it was my penguin’s birthday like yesterday. Congratulations. I have extreme asthma!

  7. Jewel200 Says:

    Uhh hi its me jewel! well here it goes 😀
    1.Im in love with webkinz!

  8. Jewel200 Says:

    let me start over!
    1.Im in love with webkinz!
    2.I hate most candy!
    3.The last time i got sick was probaly when i was in Pre-k!
    4.When i get into high school ill probaly be a geek and im not even realy good with math or english!
    5.I go on zoozoodeems page everyday!

  9. narniapengi Says:

    Cool, Jewel!! You hate most candy???!!!!!! 😮 wow!!

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