Newspaper Issue #120


Well, the newspaper is here! There is some new info on Rockhopper, I guess he is leaving tomorrow, and he will be rowing away to and Island to start building a new ship, I believe.news2.pngnews3.png

Stage: On the 8th we will see the new stage production, but we are still trying to figure out what theme it will be. A lot of us are pretty sure it will be some sort of competition, or a contest. We shall have to see! (Maybe it’s even a costume contest!! From the picture from the Newspaper, it looks to me like one of the penguins is dressed like Elvis, one looks like a cheerleader, and one looks like a moose. 🙂 )news4.png

And here is the upcoming events: news5.png

The comic in the newspaper I thought was very funny. You should check it out!

And here is the front cover:news1.png



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