Fiesta! Yiyiyiyiiiiii! (And furniture catalog)


new-one.png😆 This is a pretty fun party!! Club Pneguin is pretty dressed up, which is cool!! The free item is mancalas!!


And the pin is at the forrest, to get it, you need to wave your mouse over the piniata twice, then wait for it to fall out. There are reports that if you wear the pin if you aren’t a member, you will get banned for 3 days, becuase the pin is I guess a member item right now, becuase there is a glitch of some sort right now. So I would probably advize if you aren’t a member, don’t wear the pin right now.

thing.png another1.pngthy.png

And here are pics of the town:


And here is pics of the furniture catalog!

new.png  efr.png  new-one.png

I love the superhero picture, that is awesome!! And here, is my new igoo look. It is supposed to be a superhero’s igloo!




2 Responses to “Fiesta! Yiyiyiyiiiiii! (And furniture catalog)”

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  2. narniapengi Says:

    Thanks, Cole!!

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