Stage and Billybob post!


We were right, it is superheroes!! I myself love how it turned out, the stage just looks awesome!!! The clothes are incredible, and there is a new “wave” action. Once you put your full superhero outfits on, click wave, and you will see your power! Very cool.


I actually also like the stage script, it’s fun to read.


I can’t believe they brought masks back for some reason, though I am glad they did!!


And here is the stage itself!


Down at the bottom, you can see a switchbox. If you click the various buttons, they will do things like make the scene at night, and some sort of smoke, or you are using your powers, I’m not quite sure which.


So yeah, that’s about it!! 🙂 It is a fun theme, that’s for sure!! Battling monsters, having powers? Cool! Oh, and make sure to check out the music in the stage, it sounds really neat!!



Billybob post…


Another mission coming soon, woohoo!!!! That will be lots of fun, and by the screenshot, it appears that they will be making the crab that we caught in the last mission “talk.” It should be lots of fun!



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