New Caption uploaded!


hey guys!! Go try being funny! Fylipper won the last caption contest!! Congrats, Fyl! 🙂



8 Responses to “New Caption uploaded!”

  1. zipo7 Says:

    Fylipper, being the first winner of this fun contest I would like to say… good job done and keep on laughing!

    You forget that you actually won the first caption contest!! Look at the top! 😉

  2. Math Dude a.k.a Math Mod Says:

    narnia i hav a good friend named robo zizzle.
    his site is
    plz add him to our blogroll! by the waythe zeros look like o’s but after naruto there is five zeros!

  3. Fylliper Says:


    It’s Fylliper, and Fyll 🙄

    >>FYLL =]

  4. cpfreek Says:

    narnia,i was just wonderin y im not on ur blog roll?you make me feal bad=(

  5. narniapengi Says:

    Hey Math, I usually just put people I am freinds with, or that I know on Cp on my blogroll. And Math…were have you been? I haven’t talked to you in a while.
    Cpfreek, are you Randylol?? I can’t remember..

  6. zipo7 Says:

    Narniapengi. Possibly my phrasing was confusing to you. I was saying, being the first winner (like me..the first winner) of this fun contest . I should have said, having been the first winner. So sorry Fylliper for spelling your name wrong. I was more intent on congratulating you.

    I should have stayed in bed. lol

  7. narniapengi Says:

    lol!! Tired, huh?

  8. zipo7 Says:

    That was me… my alter ego.. I am phasing out from my prior blogging.

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