New Years party thing?!?!?


Hey, well the New years Celebration is on. You can wach the fire works at the Ice Brug and Ski

And there is a pice of the Ice Burg in the telliscope. Got the pic from JG


Last is you do not know, Today is Kelsey Briggs birthday. She died on Dec. 28 2005 due to Child abuse here is her story. I hope you watch it ALL. If it dose not show up go here


12 Responses to “New Years party thing?!?!?”

  1. zipo7 Says:

    Nice pics of CP …
    …but who is this little person you posted such a sad vid on?
    A real downer. 😥

  2. zipo7 Says:

    It is horrible!

  3. narniapengi Says:

    Hey Sponge, thank you so much for doing this for me!! I am still on vacation, but I have very little access to interent. It’ on a laptop, and I hate laptop keyboards! Lol.

  4. zipo7 Says:

    Is that vid sad too? If so, I am not watching it. One sad vid was enough.

  5. zipo7 Says:

    Yah, lap top keyboards are like compressed or my fingers are too fat! I got a notebook, that is even worse, but it sure travels nice! Hope you are having a good vacation narniapengi.

  6. narniapengi Says:

    Thanks, Zipo!! I did have a pretty fun vacation excepting my rather crazy cousin.

  7. narniapengi Says:

    I wonder if the ice berg floating around has anything to do with the Polar Bears??

  8. zipo7 Says:

    Global warming 😕

  9. zipo7 Says:

    There’s a thought!

  10. narniapengi Says:

    That would be something!!

  11. fluffie213 Says:

    um that kelsi day thingy is on my birthday is that when she died or when she was born?

  12. narniapengi Says:

    😉 No offence taken, Sponge! I kind of created it to be funny! 😉

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