Finally saw Rockhopper!!!


Finally! I got the background, so now I’m happy. Lol. Here are two screenshots I got, though it was hard because it was so crowded.rock1.pngrockhopper.png


14 Responses to “Finally saw Rockhopper!!!”

  1. mathdude Says:

    Okay so am i gonna be able to help your site kinda like u said i could? I’d like to help.
    I’m glad u finally got to see rockhopper!

    Narniapengi’s Comment: Hey, Math!! Yes, I would love it if you’d help out, and I would like you to be an author. I’ll have to think about it a while longer, but how does that sound?

  2. mathdude Says:

    oh and congrats you got 200 hits!!

    Narniapengi’s comment: Hey Math, what is your site URL? I click on your name, but it doesn’t load.

  3. mathdude Says:

    ok it wont load because i used to be an admin for spongekid3’s site and she deleted it 😦 . so uuumm like she made my account for me. k? oh and it was but now im no longer an admin on any site and i dont hav a blog my account is just wp admin something like that. Oh and ill wait for you to think about it a bit longer k? How does that sound? plz comment this comment!
    Narniapengi’s comment: Sounds good to me, how would you like to be an author?

  4. mathdude Says:

    Sounds good but I have some rules you should know okay?
    1. I will not give ANY info at all there for if i do, I’ll be grounded 😦
    2.Don’t let anyone cuss or any inappropriate language or i might be banned from this site
    K? How do these rules sound? Fair unfair or pretty bad? These are my parents and my rules. I hope you understand if you have any questions just ask me. Oh and I’d absolutely love to be an author just tell me when I start!
    Narniapengi’s comment: Math, those rules are absolutely ok! I was just going to tell you the same! I will not let anyone swear on my site, and it is ok if you don’t want to share any personal info!!! Whatever you feel comfortable with is ok. As soon as I set it, you can start right away. Oh, but it says I have to type in your email to add you. Is that ok to get your email?

  5. mathdude a.k.a Math mod Says:

    Okay, Thank you your the best! I’m very happy to be an author and I’ll get started ASAP! 🙂
    I do have to have your email to add you though.. are you comfortable sharing it? When you comment, it already shares your email so i can see it. It it ok if I email you, though to get it?

  6. Math Dude a.k.a Math Mod Says:

    Well like i said when this account was made it was made for me by spongekid3. Her e-mail is Please cover the e-mail so no one sees it. So there you go but it ain’t mine. I don’t have one and i won’t till like another 4 years. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 sry but remember it is DELETED.(upon spongekid3’s request) cya!!
    Narniapengi’s comment: Okay, I think that’ll work!!

  7. Math Dude a.k.a Math Mod Says:

    So i guess you can use spongekid’s e-mail! 🙂

  8. Math Dude a.k.a Math Mod Says:

    Plus I have a lot of good friend who have like somewhat hits and probably wouldn’t mind adding us to the blogroll, like 09cole09, allstar25, sonypinky, watex, aguair, mohd222, and more! Cool huh?
    Narniapengi’s comment: yeah, that is neat!! My know Aguair too!

  9. Antsrule02 Says:

    i found him two times.
    Narniapengi’s comment: Cool! It took me forever to find him.

  10. Spongekid3 Says:

    can u please edit my email. or cover it something

  11. Spongekid3 Says:

    (on the commentS)

  12. Stellar Says:


  13. narniapengi Says:

    lol sure!!!

  14. Spongekid3 Says:

    theres 2 of it caver the othe 1 plz

    Narniapengi’s comment: Okay, I just went through all the comments that you and math have made, and I covered your email, but I’ll check and see if it shows. Thanks!

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