Famous Penguins I have on my Buddy list(or that I consider famous!)


1. Aguair

2. Rulerofgame

3. Idontbreak

4. Anthstarwars

5. Fotis01

6. Pukalicous

7. Ice Drills

8. mewgirl1745

9. Ninja Chewit

10. Pingu Pingey

11. R2dpenguin66

12. Unique Star

13. Vantageghost

14. and..iamskylar!! lol.

15. Wildrose

16. Fanocp (Flamster3000)

17. Joeystarwars

18. Panicxdissc0(helps wario with blog)

19. Pappydrewit

20. Luke568 and Nelly319, because they are very good friends!!

21. wariolink

22. Clay Aichen


2 Responses to “Famous Penguins I have on my Buddy list(or that I consider famous!)”

  1. lowesjimmie Says:

    but wut bout me?im ur freand

    Narniapengi’s comment: Hey, Lowesjimmy! This list is more for “we known penguins.” I mean, I wouldn’t even be on it, becuase I’m not well known, or famous. But you are my buddy, and I’ll make a different page with all my buddies on it, and I’ll say something about you, ok? 🙂

  2. lowesjimmie Says:

    ok i am nearing 300 hits im so exited

    Hey, that’s awesome!! And I only have 100 something, lol!

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