Secret Mission 5!!


mission-5.pngHey all!! Today the new mission came out! It’s lots of fun, but also a lot harder. My sister(stellar) already has it all typed out, so I think I’ll just take the directions from her site and give it to you. Here it is, and have fun!!! Here she says:

Click on G. Talk to him and tell him you’ll fix the analizer.  Click on the weird gadget on the right behind him and then use your Spy Phone Comb to comb the fur. Watch what it does, then go back to G. Put the fur he gives you in the analizer, and let it do it’s thing while you watch. Then go back to G. Talk to him.. then go to the Pizza Parlor. *now is the time where you gasp in awe* Click on the green penguin and talk to him. Ask if you can lend a hand. Then put the pizza in your inventory. Go to the back of the Parlor and you’ll see three tables. Take the candle from the one on the left and put it in your inventory. Then go back to the green penguin and ask him if you can take some samples. (He says yes) Take the chocolate sauce and some hot sauce and then go to the coffee shop. Talk to the green penguin until he mentions the drawing he made of the “monster”. Look at it, then click on it to go back. Ask the penguin if you can use some hot chocolate. He’ll say yes, but it’s broken. Click on it, then click on the mug on top of the machine and put it under the “press for hot chocolate” button. Then, take the chocolate sauce out of your inventory and pour it in the bowl. Take the wrench out of your spy phone and click on the broken milk hose. Change the “hot/cold” lever to hot, then press the red button. After it’s poured, go to the ski lodge, go out the fishing door, and deliver the pizza to the blue penguin fishing there. Go to the beach and then click on the net outside of the Lighthouse. (Put it in the inventory) then go inside the Lighthouse and get the rope that’s on the rowboat. Talk to the to penguins inside and tell them you’ll go up there. Then go to the Gadget Room(in the HQ) and get the AC1000 A.K.A. the fan. Go to the beacon and put the fan on the floating gas can. (Cut it with the scissors from your spy phone) Then run back to the Gadget Room and talk to G. Take the glasses, put them in your inventory, and then click on them. Go to the ski lodge again and then out the Fishing door again. (PREPARE TO BE AMAZED) Put the rope and the net together in your inventory, then put it on the tree. Take out the candle and put it on the trap. Wait for the crab, then when he’s trapped, put him in your inventory along with the fur that the “monster” dropped. Go to G, give him the fur and the crab, and then do what G says. Congrats! You’ve finished!!!! (All thanks to me & my sister…. lol)mission5-trophy.png Well, that’s it! Hope you had fun!!


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  1. Stellar Says:

    😡 My url.. (which my sis forgot to mention accidentally on purpose), is


    Narniapengi’s Comment: Uh huh, sure! 😉

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